Ilapak, flexible packaging solutions

Ilapak, with its vast range of flexible packaging solutions, can satisfy every form, fill and seal packaging requirement of food, pharma, medical devices and wet wipe industries.
Besides flow wrappers and vertical baggers, Ilapak portfolio includes systems for modified atmosphere applications, product handling solutions, counting and weighing systems and complete, fully automated lines.

Ilapak’s purpose is to provide our customers with packaging solutions tailored precisely to their needs, minimizing their cost per pack by means of very reliable equipment and efficient service. We believe that being well focused in everything we do at Ilapak is key to customer satisfaction.

This focus describes our Industry oriented approach to our customers, technology and developments – we do not produce generic machines, rather we engineer our products with your specific needs in mind right from the start. Our specialists for food industry are in touch with market conditions and aim to be up to date with the latest research and development in their fields.
Customer service begins with a tailormade system and continues through installation, commissioning, training, technical assistance and the supply of spare parts. We know how important Service is to you, what a difference it can make to your performance, and how it is the details, like communicating in your local language with our locally-based engineers, that make the difference.
With headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, Ilapak has fifteen sales and service subsidiaries in different countries across the world, as well as a significant number of qualified sales and service agents in other countries.

This network allows us to proudly offer our customers one of the largest, and we believe most effective, locally based sales and service teams in the market, focused on our customers’ individual and local requirements.
Company overview:
• Part of the IMA Group.
• Founded in 1970.
• Headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland.
• 15 subsidiaries worldwide.
• 5 manufacturing plants (2-Italy, 1-Switzerland, 1-USA, 1-China)
• Over 500 employees.
• One of the largest Customers Service teams in the industry.


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