Colussi Ermes, washing machines for the food industry

Colussi Ermes is global leader in the design and production of tailor made washing machines for the food industry, having realized over 5000 machines worldwide. Experience, research and know-how have all contributed to ensuring that the company, over the years, has become specialised not only in the meat, dairy, fruit & vegetables, poultry and fishery, bakery, confectionary, chocolate sectors but also in more complex fields such as the pharmaceutical, hospital, logistics and automotive sectors.

A modern and dynamic brand, showing an exceptional capability of addressing a constantly changing market. Values such as innovation and organization to guarantee competitiveness, flexibility and quality for absolute environmental protection. Colussi Ermes has always been a synonym of excellence – excellence in industrial washing. Innovative design, rounded shapes, accurate details, high efficiency and ongoing research for perfection in order to achieve the absolute hygiene.
Today, Colussi Ermes is a company which exports all over the world, extensively in many countries. Spain, Germany, Australia and North America are the markets where we constantly reach the most important sales targets. Furthermore, with the aim of strengthening entry into the American market, Colussi Aws Inc. has been established in California, together with an all-American brand.

The main goal of the company is that of fully meeting our customers’ expectations, committed to understanding their requirements, combining that commitment with a journey whose final destination is that of having created a fully “customized” system. Furthermore, proposing innovative washing solutions and systems which represent a concrete source of savings of water, energy and chemicals.

Choosing a Colussi Ermes industrial washing plant means trusting in a partner who consciously believes in the strategic importance of the Technical Assistance Service, and why a highly specialized dedicated staff has been organised within the company.

Our relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of the system, rather it is the moment it begins: the continued presence and strong commitment of our specialised electricians and mechanics ensure a fast and smooth start-up, without hiccups.

Over forty years of experience and know-how gained in industrial complexes, including at the world-wide level, have provided our Technical Assistance Service with both global and specific knowledge, not only during the test stage, but also in the management of every operation which follows the commissioning of a washing system.

COLUSSI ERMES also offers a partial or total reconditioning of obsolete machines.

We perform all the necessary repairs, replacements and renovations to optimize the machine’s functionalities and restore its original performance.

Reconditioned machines can be upgraded with new technologies that feature capabilities comparable to modern machines.

Large and small companies working in the food market and using COLUSSI ERMES machines have been able to achieve extraordinary advantages such as:

  • better working performance of their staff
  • reduced wash time vs. very high hygienic and sanitary standards
  • dramatic energy and chemical savings
  • environmentally friendly wash operations
  • increased production capacities and safety IBIE 2019
    At IBIE 2019 Colussi Ermes will propose the best solutions for manual and inline Pan Washers with variable capacities up to over 30 items/ minute, bottom down loading and introduction height up to 4”.
    Crate Washers with innovative Spin Drying System and throughput up to 4200 items/hour are also among the range of products you will find on display.


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