Complete roasting coffee plants

Petroncini, the renowned Italian company that since the 1919 has been operating in the coffee processing field, today is a part of the IMA Group specialized in complete roasting coffee plants, providing machines with capabilities to roast from 3,5 kg/h up to 3.5 tons/h, for any kind of coffee brewing style: from espresso to drip, from Instant to Turkish coffee. Furthermore, Petroncini provides complete coffee processing systems, from the green coffee intake up to the feeding the packaging machines with beans and ground coffee, thereby providing superior expertise in feeding solutions for capsule and pod packaging lines. Petroncini roasters ensure uniformity, repeatability and allow the coffee to achieve the favorite aroma.

Particularly suitable for small and medium productions, TT Roasters Model can be equipped with different systems for the control and management of the roasting profile and it is available also in TTR Version with Heat Recovery and Air Recirculation systems. This model requires a limited layout space and an easy and fast installation on site.

TMR Roasters Model has been specially designed for industrial productions that require high profitability and repeatability of the roasting processes during the various working stages, allowing to achieve the desired roasting profile in terms of time, color and flavor. TMR single burner system and the efficient heat recovery guarantee the lowest energy consumption. Petroncini roasters can ensure the maximum efficiency of green coffee, even for small productions. Specialty Roasters are the perfect solutions for handcrafted roasteries that require high quality roasted coffee.

These models can roast up to 60kg/h and are available in manual version or with the Profile Roasting Control system. The machines are fitted with a modulating burner and a double output signal to connect external data loggers. R&D Lab Roaster counts on the same technical features of the industrial Modular Roasters and it can roast up to 25 kg/cycle, thus minimizing the waste of energy and good quality coffees.

The roasting profiles achieved can be transferred on industrial roaster without any parameters modifications, indeed it allows to analyze and improve the quality of the product and its performance, carry out specific test before starting industrial production.  One unit of R&D Lab Roaster is at disposal for test and trial at the Petroncini Coffee R&D Lab, where is also possible make product analysis and cup tasting.

The research and development of new technologies and effective synergies have allowed Petroncini to realize roasting systems suitable also for products with a high concentration of oily components, such as cocoa, barley, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios.


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