Equipment for tropical food processing

The standards for quality for tropical fruits are becoming more and more stringent. It is therefore mandatory that the equipment used for their processing be continuously updated in order to maximize the yield and quality of the juice / puree extracted. This is in fact the basis to keep quality in the subsequent operations of heat treatment, evaporation (when it occurs) and packaging.

One of the way to meet the target of a good extraction is the use of dedicated machines for the various “families” of fruits having similar characteristics.

On the contrary of the “Universal machines” the dedicated juice / puree extraction machines are taylor made taking into account the pecu- liarities of the fruits: the good juice extraction from a passion fruit, for instance, is something of completely different from the extraction of juice / pulp from a pineapple. The use of dedicated machines avoids the compromises that, otherwise, has to be accepted.
The use of dedicated machines avoids to a large extend the contamination caused by the peel to the juice / puree.
This contamination can consists in color (for instance the purple variety of passion fruit, the chlorophyll of the pineapple peel etc) as well as in the bitter / not palatable components as well as the pesticides and other chemicals.

Bertuzzi Food Processing, a leading Italian Company operates since 1936 in the design and construction of machinery and plants for the pro- cessing of fruits and vegetables and has gained a wide experience in the field of tropical fruits processing for which has developed a number of specific, dedicated machines and technologies for the juicing of pineapple, passion fruit, acerola, dragon fruit, pomelo, banana, mango, guava, litchee, ranbutan, coconut etc.


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