Tecno pack spa, means technological innovation, reliability and professionalism

Tecno Pack is a leading company in the food sector that can boast remarkable references among some of the most important companies, both Italian and international. Brands such as Bauli, Nestlé, Barilla, Doria, E. Mauri, Baldi Carni, Buitoni and many others rely on Tecno Pack machines and plants for the flow-packing of their products.

Two specific technological lines have been developed to satisfy a great number of sectors, especially those where it is required high sanitization, great flexibility in format changeover and high reliability in all working conditions.

For the dairy and cured meats sectors, therefore for the packaging of cheese, in portions or whole, and that of cured meat, in any format, there is the FP 025 SUPER EVO series, available in various models and suitable for working in a controlled atmosphere, allowing to increase the product shelf life and promoting its marketing on the long term.

For harsh environments where mozzarella cheese and other “soft products” are processed, the FP 020 fully stainless steel SUPER EVO series has been developed. The complete sanitization of the machine, the latest generation technology and the “user-friendly” touch screen operator interface are only some of the many strong features of this packaging machine. The interface has been designed and developed by the company with the aim of making it possible for non-specialist personnel to use it correctly at all times.

Cured meats and cheese factories, and the entire meat and milk processing system, will benefit from the enormous flexibility and reliability of FP 027BB INOX series, which guarantees a perfect, watertight bag in a controlled atmosphere, a long shelf life for cured meats and cheese, and an excellent fragrance for the end user.

Tecno Pack’s technological offer also includes the big potentiality of automatic feeding of its packaging machines, from the loading of products to the end of the line.

The staff is always available to work together with its clients to develop the most suitable solutions in order to achieve the required level of automation.
Tecno Pack also offers fully automatic and integrated solutions, such as the fully automatic system for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging systems for frozen hamburgers recently delivered to Baldi Carni in Jesi (AN).

Tecno Pack S.p.A. will attend Cibus Tec 2019, which will be held in Parma from 22 to 25 October, at Hall 2 Lane C Stand 032. The company will be available to all operators in the sector, from the small dairy factory to the large processing company, being sure to be able to provide a high-quality technical solution, a real tailor-made suit for every industrial packaging need of the small, medium and large food industry.




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