A compact, custom-made filler

R&D is the key to better performances, but R&D should always be complemented by reliable, “cut-the-crap” responses to the customer’s needs. This is exactly the case with Galdi’s Compact version of RG270 – a specific solution for foodstuffs with a shelf life of 7 to 10 days and hot fill products.

Opting for the Lean Manufacturing concept means choosing continuous improvement, and this ends by positively affecting all your actions and thoughts.

After remodelling its internal processes and ready to reform them at all times, Galdi has introduced a new generation of fillers into the market. A step ahead from traditional engineering and a micro- and macro-revolution which improves both global performances and individual parts of the systems to meet the requirements of several different markets, of future challenges and, most of all, of our own customers.

Everything starts with the customers.
“Everything starts with the customer” is our leading thought here in Treviso (Northern Italy).
Besides technological research, our corporate teams work on concrete solutions and special needs emerging from our customer’s feedback and from the suggestions of the engineers who interact with their machines day after day.
A work method that has led to a new range of flexible, modular solutions as a first solid achievement of our corporate concept.

A highly specialised filler
RG270 Compact has been designed for fresh food with a shelf life of 7 to 10 days and for hot fill products.
By getting rid of the now unnecessary Ultra-Clean module, we have reduced machine encumbrance and increased filling speed. Moreover, the new-generation models provide improved accuracy and better overall performance.

RG270 Compact: lots of efficiency in little space
Size: 6290x1500x3390 mm
Speed: up to 7000 cph
Available formats: 57*57*/70*70
Filling capacity: from 250 ml to 1000 ml >95% MME
Encumbrance: 7.1 m2

Fillers with a compact design
The RG270 family is a long step ahead of the old RG250 both in terms of technology and in terms of options. In spite of the increased smartness and sophistication of our systems, we have thought of standardising parts and making them compatible on several different machines: this has reduced machine encumbrance, warehouse costs and production downtimes.

Following “lean” principles, water,air, power, and pre and post-production scraps have also been reduced. A considerable difference is made by many big and small improvements to every single production phase in terms of safety, hygiene, easy cleaning and ergonomics.
You might not always be aware of these differences at first sight, but be sure they will leave their mark in your daily work.

A brand new corporate website
Galdi online presence has been revamped recently. Our corporate website now provides thorough information about our products and services: we work alongside our clients to evolve together!
Our experts actively support clients in making strategic decisions, from packaging selection to process optimisation.



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