Frutmac: quality and efficiency

Frutmac’s headquarters are located in one of the most important Italian apple-growing regions, Trentino Alto Adige, a region that account for 10% of all European production. Frutmac is based in Nalles, in the province of Bolzano, and has a long history.
Today Frutmac is a leading company in the food packaging industry, offering quick, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Founded in the 1950s, Frutmac used to produce paper and cardboard for the packaging sector, but over the years it has evolved into a full-service provider of packaging solutions and packaging machines with a clear strategy in mind.

“The service we provide to our clients has set Frutmac apart and has made it a leading company in the packaging sector, with a strong market, especially in Central Europe”, says the new CEO, Stephan Christoph. “Our service includes packaging machines, materials and technical service”.

Frutmac packages fruit and vegetables as well as meat, fish, bakery products, dried fruit, and it produces trays, films, bags and other accessories in polystyrene, PP, R-Pet, cardboard. The company also deals with the graphic customization of any product through offset, flexographic or digital printing. Currently there are 1300 machines operating all over the world. Each machine is suitable for the installation of new packaging lines and for the integration/extension of existing lines. They are designed for a careful handling of products, reducing production times to a minimum (with a maximum speed). Some examples: with Rollex 2000+ both plateaus and crates in different sizes can be covered by a protective film. Thanks to the double foil cut, the carrying handle of small punnets (2-3kg) remains free. It can be installed without bypass between packing table and palletizer. Or Jollypack, the automatic filling system of foodtainers, suitable for the packaging of round fruits. The format resetting in terms of shell type, fruit number and sizes is fully automatic. The Blitzschale (meaning the Blitz tray) is one of the most innovative products offered by Frutmac. It is a new tray made from 100% biodegradable cardboard or grass paper – in addition to the traditional packaging, this product complies with the company’s environmental sustainability policy. It replaces the film and automatically closes the container interlocking its side wings from above. The Blitz tray is the ideal packaging solution for specific products, in particular organic fruits and vegetables, giving the customer a package that is consistent with its content in terms of environmental sustainability. This result is guaranteed by the new Blitzmatic+ that will be presented at the next Fruit Logistica in Berlin. This machine can be integrated into any existing packaging line and can automatically apply cardboard or grass paper lids.

Another important innovative machine is Boxer+/Miniboxer, an erector machine designed to handle all standard versions of crate-format containers, i.e. 60×40 cm and 30×40 cm crates, and is available with automatic depalletizer. As always, the clients can count on an efficient technical service. In fact, from its headquarters Frutmac coordinates the service assignments of its in-house technicians in Italy and worldwide thanks to its sales partners.


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