Design and manufacturing of industrial machinery

Violi Srl was founded in 1992 upon Mr. Giorgio Vi­oli’s experience and tenac­ity, that have been always engaged in the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery, typically used in the goldsmith sector.

The sensitivity to anticipate market needs and the ability to adapt the production to customer’s demand have made Violi Srl a serious and reliable partner, fostering the fidel­ity and trust of many customers at both national and international level. Violi’s technologically advanced divi­sions offers a range of standard or customized machinery, in order to meet the highest requests of the public and to appraise the compe­tence of each production cycle. The use of new technologies allows to periodically check and analyze the production processes in order to maximize the quality and reliability of the machines.

As we all know the metal market fluc­tuates with the supply and demand of pure metal in the manufacturing industries. With the fast economy de­velopment of foreign growing coun­tries the recycling and metal chip processing is more important than ever.

Environmental policies developed by governments of various countries ac­cording to EU directives and similar push the industries toward invest­ments in equipment designed for the purpose above mentioned, helping them to bring significant economies of scale and develop an awareness of the savings. Recovery of precious metals from industrial waste or recy­cling of used and obsolete materials is a key issue in the production cycle of companies operating in different sectors such as the RAEE sector; the goldsmith industry is just one of the macro sectors in which the regulated disposal of waste is necessary.

In fact, the intrinsic value of the treat­ed waste is extremely high due to the presence of precious metals that must be recovered through a process that maximizes the yield.

Thanks to its know-how applied to the production cycles, Violi srl has developed a range of equipment that allow to simply and effectively treat wastes and to recover precious met­als, according to the latest environ­mental and politics regulations.

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the national and international jewellery industry, Violi srl developed a line of “eco-friendly” equipment that allows to easy recov­er metals from the components of electronic cards.

In the first step, a patented machine for splitting components allows to separate components from electron­ic cards by using controlled heat pro­cess and mechanic action.

Through the selection of the compo­nents, elements that do not contain precious metals are removed (such as batteries, condensers, copper, aluminum, plastic pieces, etc); the others are crushed and then melted.

The result of the process is an alloy ingot composed by all precious and non-precious metals.

The process is easily and efficiently carried out, in perfect safety during all steps, and can be provided with different automations.

The automatic and manual crushing mills series MA and P designed by Violi Srl are used to crush and pulver­ize slags and ashes resulting from carbonization of goldsmith residues.

The process is automatic and con­tinuous.

The dust resulting from the process is filtered and separated from the metal residues (which cannot be pul­verized) through a stainless steel net.

The powders obtained by the mill should be mixed in order to obtain homogeneous products ready to be analyzed so as to determine the amount of precious and noble met­als they contain. The Violi MX series of mixers for powders, with capaci­ties ranging from 50lt to 1500lt, can be equipped with options such as the electronic weighing system with load cells.

All the Violi Srl machines comply with the applicable international stand­ards. For more information please contact our sales department tel. +39 0575 810487 fax. +39 0575 815903.


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