Tecno Pack, innovation and technology

High technology, expertise and a wide array of services in the flow pack packaging and pillow pack packaging as well as in the primary and secondary pack­aging. Market leader with specific so­lutions, suitable for any application sector, with a particular focus on the food industry.

Here you can find all the packaging technology that your company needs, from the small electronic flow pack packaging machine with manual loading, to the full system that picks up the product from the production line and preserves it in single or mul­tiple packages, which will be then moved to the palletizer.

Our commercial team is made of  technical experts and our technical office is efficient and flexible. All me­chanical components are produced in-house and the material selection process is extremely strict. Our skil­ful production team and our prompt after-sales service, available world­wide, allow us to offer our customers the best machines and systems, de­signed as “tailor-made clothes” and recognized as the highest expression of the current state of the art by com­panies such as Barilla, Nestlé, Pave­si, Kraft, Baxter, Chipita, Pepsico and many others.

High speed, flexibility, modified at­mosphere, product shelf life, global integration of the packaging line into the company system are just some of the topics that we discuss every day with enthusiasm and determination and that, together with our custom­ers, provide us with new evolutionary impetus.

We are absolutely sure that we can design a “tailor-made suit” for your product too, and we are committed to producing it with great care.

Our goal is to achieve excellent tech­nical standards in accordance with the needs of your company and to get your full support over the years.

Our mission is to work with you for the success of your company.

Who are we?
We are Tecno Pack S.p.A.


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