Systems and machineries for the food industry and the food automation

B.S. srl was found­ed in 1980 in Parma, at the heart of the Italian Food Valley, and since then its core business has been the production of systems and machineries for the food industry and the food automation.

The company’s growing desire for in­novation, its established profession­alism and reliability allowed B.S. to gain and develop an up-to-date and advanced know-how in the food-tech trade.

Creating a partnership with its clients and making precise market analysis, B.S. is able to efficiently determine the needs of the industry in order to design and offer specific custom solutions reaching high-quality per­formances.

B.S.’s reaction to the extremely fast technological development is to pro­duce modern and high-tech machin­eries that are able to anticipate the trends of the future.

The latest B.S.’s new product is the updated version of one of his histori­cal machineries: the reel for portion­ing sliced meats – this version offers better performances thanks to the significant increase of production and its precision and versatility.

With a footprint area of approxi­mately 1.5 square meters, B.S. reel is capable of working at 30 rounds per minute for each of the four inde­pendently motorized channels, guar­anteeing a total production of 120 pcs/min.

Entirely built in stainless steel and food plastic, with PLC operator panel and touch screen, this machine can wind any type of sliced food: salami, sliceable hard cheese, carpaccios, filled meat. The size of the slices goes from 80x80mm up to 150mm in width by 200mm in length, obtain­ing rolls with a diameter ranging from 15 to 45 mm, through the automatic adjustment.

B.S. reel is not a standard machine: it can be manufactured in single or multiple line, adjusting the opera­tional width according to the custom­er’s needs. This machine can also be equipped with a single motor or an independent motorization for each raw. Moreover, it can be installed into any production line.

In the world of food industry, where the technological development is nowadays at its highest level, B.S.’s mission is to produce machines that are not only guarantee of quality and safety – they are also an opportu­nity to sell “stylish” food products, hygienically clean and aesthetically appealing, since the image is playing an increasingly important role


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