IFP Packaging srl, high-level packaging quality

Our main goal at IFP PACKAGING S.r.l. is to add value to the products of our customers by constantly evolving our services and systems in order to offer better packaging quality to our customers.

Today, after 20 years of experience, we boast a strong spirit of innovation and continual improvement process.

Founded at the end of the 1970s as a small artisanal company offering packaging solutions designed to meet the specific needs of its customers, today IFP PACKAGING confirms its customer-oriented vision, which makes it one of the leading European companies in the production of machines for shrinkable and flexible packaging film.

Working with our company does not only mean having guaranteed a cutting-edge packaging solution, but a “future-proof” system that focuses on a wider application both now and in the future.

High performance machinery, ex­treme usability, strength and dura­bility, efficient and customized solu­tions for any specific need, a strong customer-oriented approach – all these aspects make IFP PACKAGING not only a supplier, but an ideal and reliable partner.

By providing shrinkable film pack­aging solutions worldwide, we have been able to develop a unique know-how in the food and non-food sec­tors.

This has allowed us to integrate our systems with complementary ma­chinery such as weighing scales, la­bellers, loaders and filling machines in order to provide our customers with complete solutions that perfect­ly meet their requirements.

From our headquarters in Schio, home of many successful compa­nies, we provide advice, service and support to our customers all over the world. We can rely on a highly quali­fied and committed team with a great expertise, and on more than 3800 packaging solutions to be delivered worldwide.

Both our technical and sales depart­ments are the result of a fruitful interaction between senior profes­sionals who think and behave with the spirit of a globally competitive company that wants to break through with innovation and creativity.

The lab where all our mechanical components are produced employs both highly specialized staff and work centres that allow the full man­ufacture of the machines in-house.

A team of technical testers is respon­sible for starting up the packaging lines and introducing the customers to the use of the machinery provid­ing an efficient and constant support both on site and at the customers’ premises.

An effective and prompt assistance and after-sale service takes care of providing support and spare parts on a global level in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Among the goals that our company aims to pursue there is an attempt to foresee the future through the careful observation of the market changes.

We support the customer in his de­cision, and provide competitive and cutting-edge solutions. Thanks to our mission more and more partners have decided to rely on us today.


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