A Mombrini production

The Fratelli Faccia slaughterhouse in Ceva (CN)

The brand-new Fratelli Faccia slaughterhouse in Ceva ex­tends for 15,000m2 and in­cludes a 7,000m2 indoor space. The factory’s floor was entirely realized by a company based in Caravaggio (BG) named Mombrini, for many years the undisputed leader in the manufac­ture of flooring for the food industry.

In the meat processing industry the choice of an adequate floor is crucial for carrying out the work smoothly. In these factories it is particularly important that the floor does not become slippery during the process­ing of the meat and can be easily washed. When several livestock units arrive at the slaughterhouse every hour, the need for a safe, clean and fast slaughtering process is well un­derstood. The staff who carries out the various steps of the work must be able to move around without wor­rying about slippery floors, especially in the slaughter room. Furthermore, the floor must be cleaned perfectly and quickly at the end of the work. The Klinker floor with epoxy resin sealing is certainly the best choice in this context.

In the slaughter room, capable of pro­cessing 50,000 livestock units every year, the flooring plays a vital role, especially at the upper floor. Here, cattle from the whole Piedmont plain area arrive, mostly belonging to the breeds Piemontese cattle, Blonde  d’Aquitaine, Limousine and Charo­laise.

The pictures attached here clearly show that, especially in the slaughter room, cleaning is not an easy task: Mombrini’s flooring – also thanks to the cleaning kit provided by the com­pany – turns impeccably clean after each cleaning cycle.

Besides the slaughter room, which is located on two floors, the factory has all the other departments that guarantee that the meat’s freshness and quality arrive unaltered to the consumer:

  • cold chain with carcass rapid cool­ing tunnel at the end of the slaugh­ter; 0°C refrigerated rooms for half carcasses stocking (130,000kg capacity); 0°C refrigerated rooms for carcasses quarters stocking (50,000kg capacity); 0°C refriger­ated rooms for offal conservation; 0°C and -20°C refrigerated rooms for packaged products conserva­tion; -40°C rapid freezing tunnel for packaged products; -4°C refrig­erated room for ground meat con­servation; 0°C refrigerated room for chitterlings conservation;
  • cutting and boning room with a ca­pacity of 20,000 kg per day for vac­uum-sealed anatomical cuts, and for 18,000kg per day for bowls and portions in MAP; rooms for ground meat processing and production of hamburgers in polystyrene bowls MAP packages;
  • shipping room for boned and pack­aged meat with 5 loading docks.

Thanks to our renowned expertise and only after careful consderation of such a complex design, we can guarantee that the flooring with­stands the various types of work­loads it is subjected to.

The material of the tiles is very im­portant and an accurate installation and sealing are also fundamental. However, before that, the surface gradient and the outlets design need to be carefully assessed as well as the screed. All these processes are tightly interlocked and only a highly qualified technical research can guar­antee its success: Mombrini do the trick. Its Klinker acid-resistant floor­ings occur in Italy since 1962 and this year the company has reached its 50th year of activity.

Under the leadership of the founder, Gianni Mombrini, and his son, Carlo, 15 teams of tilers guarantee that the “Mombrini flooring system” will always be designed and installed with the best technique and exper­tise. Thousands of customers have already chosen to install our floor­ing, from the dairy companies to the meat and fish processing companies, from the food companies to the wine industry and so on.

Working in so many sectors made us realise how essential is the floor­ing cleaning. Fratelli Faccia realised it too because working in accord­ance with the Italian and European regulations is a matter of priority. Here the staff realises hygienically safe products in accordance with the manufacturing instructions and the company policy, caring about the company environmental impact and monitoring their carbon footprint and the correct waste disposal.

In accordance with the IPPC direc­tive, Fratelli Faccia have adopted a system for the prevention and inte­grated reduction of pollution through regular controls. Their strong work ethic leads them to apply the health and safety regulation in all work places, to train their staff to health and safety at work and to decline any service or supply that could imply the workers exploitation. In order to comply with the present Quality Pol­icy, every year they set strict targets to reduce anomalies and to get bet­ter hygienic and working conditions. And the Mombrini flooring has a fun­damental role to make them reach these targets.


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