Special lines and machines for the packaging sectors

70 years of activities; special lines and machines for the packaging sectors

This text takes us through the 70-years of one of Italy’s machinery manufacturers – Officina Meccanica Sestese (OMS) – right from the beginnings up to the present day. We want to illustrate how what was a small artisan company has become an important engineering company with more than 10 branches and representative companies around the world.

Officina Meccanica Sestese was founded in 1949 by Maurizio Rossi and Luigi Cristina, during the difficult period after the second World War. At that time, the company’s activities were dedicated to equipment and accessories for furnaces for the production of bricks.
OMS’ products soon had an important place in the market, and in 1958, new premises were opened in Arona (NO), where, the production of equipment for furnaces continued with new technology. In 1971, OMS patented the ‘Forca Artiglio’ for the handling and transport of bricks, with sales covering five continents.
Following on from this important growth, and newly developed products, the new premises in Paruzzaro (northern Italy, near Novara), were inaugurated in 1980.
During 1990, OMS designed and manufactured the first strapping head – the R10 – the cornerstone product that has enabled Officina Meccanica Sestese to become the leading reference company in the sector for automatic strapping.

Since then up to the present day, a number of new machines have been designed and built: heat shrinking and stretch hooding machines, wrapping machines, new modular strapping heads, as well as strapping machines specifically for the paper and cardboard packaging sector. Last but not least, the development of special lines dedicated to other sectors. Working in the most diverse productive and applicative sectors has increased considerably OMS’ global reputation, leading it, today, to become an engineering company with more than 10 branches and representative companies around the world.
The cornerstones on which OMS is founded are its history – of course – as well as its vast number of technological solutions, combines with solid relationships with clients who want to invest in strategic technology for their production processes, and therefore require partners that are well-prepared and who are able to provide machinery with guaranteed reliability over time.
OMS is, in fact, able to offer a complete series of machines and plants for end-of-line packaging, such as strapping, stretch & shrink hooding, wrapping.

Reliability, experience and flexibility are three important characteristics that enable OMS to respond to today’s market demands, from the most simple strapping machine up
to the most sophisticated packaging plant. All this is made possible thanks to OMS’ many years working in this market sector, as well as the large number of ad hoc solutions
studied for its clients. The important results achieved by the company are also thanks to three generations of businessmen who have continued to be involved closely with the
market, with the vision of a future characterized by innovation and continuous improvement.

OMS is now undergoing a phase of transformation from a high level ‘artisan’ company to an industrial enterprise, involving a series of organizational, design, commercial and production choices, aimed at guaranteeing – more and more – top-level service to its customers and consolidating its position in its target markets. During this renewal process, OMS will also celebrate its 70th year of foundation with a series of actions and events specifically thought of for this important moment Our motto: “Because looking back,
we don’t always remember all the steps of our journey, but we recognize the footprints we have left. And we look ahead to our new goals.”


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