Fruits with beneficial and healthful properties

Masseria Frutti Rossi was born in 2016: from the meeting of the bountiful Puglia lands, renowned for their optimal weather conditions, with the idea of innovative and smart cultivation, gaining life from an agriculture pillar known for its production of fruits with beneficial and healthful properties, such as pomegranate, chokeberries and goji berries.

During the past few years, these marvelous fruits have become part of an awareness and culture that sees them as protagonists of great benefits, gaining a large share of the market in the GDO and even in the pharmaceutical sector. In just a few years, the cultivated lands grew from tens of acres to hundreds of acres, translating that passion for fruit in a concrete commercial activity, widely established in today’s market. Kissed by the warmth and sun of Puglia, our soil retain the rich properties of an ancient agricultural tradition, capable of giving light to luxurious fruits naturally. Amidst the bountiful Puglia lands, in Castellaneta, our great bet takes flight: the processing facility is 28,000 square meters and 350 acres of cultivated land.

Our project was to succeed in installing cultivation of products, which find their natural habitat in the Mediterranean sea’s arm, as requested from the current market: superfruits, they are defined this way because of their highly nutritional properties.

Our dream gave excellent fruits.

100% Italian Product Our fruits guarantee almost nonexistent transport and transfer thanks to the proximity of our lands to the processing facility, ensuring absolute freshness.

Without Pesticides

Our promise is to invest in a sustainable agriculture, utilizing only elements and conditions present in nature and in order to preserve and protect the environment, we do not use toxic products.

The core business is the cultivation of the pomegranate which 260 hectares are destined, an extension that makes Masseria Fruttirossi the principal Italian manufacturing of this fruit, for general 150.000 plants: in 2020 the annual production of Masseria Fruttirossi will reach the 25 million of pomegranates! All products are marketed on the national and foreign markets branded “LOME Super Fruit” (LOve ME).

The project “LOME Super Fruit” includes the very modern plant, where the superfruits are processed and packaged into products: selected fresh fruits, juices, squeezes, fresh arils of pomegranate and dried Goji berries. The Masseria Fruttirossi plant is equipped with several high tech machineries, also the Hiperbaric 420, an HPP (High Pressure Processing) machine using the high pressures hydrostatics (about 6,000 bar) to eliminate the bacterial count from the squeezes in cold conditions, preserving the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the squeezes. Thanks to the availability of 7,500 square meters of cold storage (also in Controlled Atmosphere), fresh fruits are available from September till march, enabling Masseria Fruttirossi to guarantee supplies to clients constantly.

Masseria Fruttirossi is the only Italian firm able to guarantee to the final consumer the quality of its products taking care “in house” of all production steps, from the choice of the plant to its cultivation, up to the transformation and packaging of the super fruit into the final products.

Choosing “LOME Super Fruit” the consumer brings on his own table fruits, juices and squeezes 100% Made in Italy!   For more info on MASSERIA FRUTTIROSSI click here 


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