Evolution forever


IRELAND is one of the world leaders in the irrigation sector. We produce and sale a wide range of Irrigators, booms, Motorpump sets, Pivot and Complete Irrigation Systems in more than 50 foreign countries every year. All staff members are highly qualified and trained by people of considerable experience having worked with leading companies in the irrigation sector. What we offer to the market is the result of the uncompromising hard work and passion of a company that has always aimed to improvement, in order to create a range of products that is unique in the world in terms of safe, quality and total reliability on every field.


An absolutely novel and easy to use accessory is based on a non-stick and water repellent protective film system placed between the ground and the polyethylene hose, protecting hose from gluing, strenuous abrasions and high friction. It is a fully automated and efficient device with a proper drive mechanism.

Protector allows the use of thinner hoses (note that the cost of a 1,000 m long hose Ø 135 mm may be around 10,500 €, while a hose of the same length and external diameter but the thinnest version costs around 6,500 €) and lighter tractors (which are cheaper and more manageable) and makes it possible to use longer hoses too. In consequence, it reduces the high energy consumption used for pumping the water and for positioning the hose and allows sprinklers work at more adequate pressure. PROTECTOR makes agricultural practices more environmentally sustainable: using water is more efficiently, reducing  energy consumption and associated GHG emissions and using less plastic. Environmental sustainability and climate change are nowadays among the most important challenges of the humankind and many EU policies promote the development and use of technologies that help to address these issues. However, there is no current alternative to PROTECTOR: other word said, there is no other product that installed on a hose reel irrigator leads to a reduction of the friction between the hose and the soil. This is a first of its kind, disruptive and market creating innovation!


The other eco-friendly product is the self-propelled solar-powered irrigator with innovative low friction coefficient tube which has been awarded with the “mention” recognition by the evaluation committee of Eima 2018. The research for an autonomous and eco-sustainable irrigation system not subject to water flow and pressure variables to irrigate and able to work with any type of liquid, even with the presence of solid parts, has led us to design a machine completely activated by an electric motor powered by solar energy. A series of batteries powered by solar panels allow you to operate 24/7, 365 days a year. From the experience in the field it has been seen that a pipe used on gravel soil becomes more slippery, as it considerably reduces the coefficient of friction. This led us to develop a polyethylene pipe with a grooved profile, able to considerably reduce the friction with the ground, saving energy. The final results are more efficiency and less operating costs.


The irrigation system with low operating costs and versatile use. Irriland irrigation booms allow the most fragile crops to be irrigated without damaging them. The combination with Irriland automatic hard hose reels provides perfect synchronism that allows rapid pulls and optimal operation at a pressure of 0.1 Mpa (1 Bar).

For more info on IRRILAND click here  www.irriland.it



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