Juran breakthroughs that enhance produce marketing

Acase study: Lychee season is short, and the fruit’s shelf-life is shorter… until now

Vietnam is a major grower of lychees. When the 6-week season for harvesting arrives, growers pick their fruit at 02:00, and rush it to market by 05:30 in a race against time.

If the fruit doesn’t reach consumers within one or two days, they would find their lychees in a brown and yellowing unattractive shell, instead of the beautiful red fruit anticipated. In an attempt to preserve the red color, many growers treat the fruit with a sulfur rinse that penetrates the shell with required testing for standards compliance. All this adds to the fruit’s cost and limits its marketing window. Enter Juran – and we have a game changer.

Sulfur-Free Lychee Treatment

Juran Technologies has recently installed a Sulfur-Free Treatment & Packing Line plant in Bac Giang, Vietnam. The remarkable result of this totally safe and natural method for treating lychees, is that its attractive color and shelf-life is extended for up to 4-5 weeks

From prolonged shelf-life based on innovative treatments, to freezing/defrosting like fresh, to automation for previously labor-intensive produce – Juran introduces game changers! a considerable extension of the marketing window! No longer involving a break-neck race against time, lychees can even be shipped by sea, providing consumers with an attractive product as well as cost benefits and opening new opportunities for lychee growers and distributors.

Fresh Defrost

Another game changer from Juran is its development of a pre-freezing process that does not leave fruit and berries soggy, watery or damaged. Fresh Defrost yields defrosted fruit closer to fresh produce than ever before possible, now allowing out of season marketing of a range of fruit and berries.


With two new installations in Italy and one in Peru, ArilSystem has changed the way pomegranate seeds are accessed and marketed. Previously a highly labor intensive process with a high proportion of waste, the ArilSystem process is totally automated, yielding a highquality hygienic product, washed and packed with minimal manpower.

Juran Technologies

has been impacting agro-technology and the food industry worldwide, developing new ideas for streamlining traditional methods of farming, harvesting, and product handling since 1966  For more info on juran click here . Visit: www.juran.co.il


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