Sottoriva, between tradition and zero-stress innovation

Sottoriva, an Italian company that for over 70 years has been manufacturing machines for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias, is known worldwide for the wide range of its offer: from small mixers to complex industrial lines, all made in Italy, very competitive in terms of quality.

The company’s distinctive feature is to be able to understand the market needs, especially in the food sector, where needs change quickly.
Nowadays, in fact, consumers are more and more careful about the quality of products and therefore to the ingredients used to make them. As far as bread making is concerned, this involves the need to make quality bread, without chemical preparations or shortcuts, while maintaining the natural leavening of the product. For this reason, Sottoriva has conceived zero stress dividers, with an innovative system to process leavened dough. What does zero stress mean? It means that the dough is treated by the machine with great care, in order to keep inside the air produced by leavening and in this way facilitate its development, thus obtaining a product of extreme lightness and fragrance.

Studied and developed in the last few years, this system maintains the natural leavening time of bread, respecting the true Italian gastronomic tradition.

The company has developed various dividers with this technology

The MR8 2.0 model, designed for the industry, a laminating machine that cuts and shapes in a practical and precise way, without ever stressing the dough. The result is a high-quality bread, very similar to the artisan bread but with industrial production. This divider is equipped with a sensor that can detect the characteristics of the dough, to treat it in a delicate way. It is ideal for soft and leavened dough, such as ciabatta, French bread and all the types of bread fashionable today, such as the triangle and the diamond, for example. It is also a very versatile machine that can be set quickly and easily according to the customer’s needs.

Even Athena Plus, a high production divider rounder, has a zero stress system. This machine, that does not stress the dough, has a very high weight accuracy, maximum flexibility and a range of weight range from 25 to 600 g. It is a machine suitable to divide and round dough to make round and stamped bread, hamburger bun, long-loaf bread, pita, pizza, tortilla and many others. Athena Plus can also be equipped for the treatment of glutenfree dough, whose demand is growing strongly, managing to work in the best
way even the stickiest gluten-free dough.

The Dinamica model is also part of the production range, divider rounder whose name already announces its intrinsic characteristics. It is indeed a machine that allows a great flexibility of weight, always ensuring a great accuracy in the final result. Here too we find the zero-stress system: it works in a delicate way both soft and semi-hard dough.

And finally Lyra, a two-row divider rounder designed to satisfy even the smallest production with extraordinary precision. Available in both mechanical and electronic versions, it is ideal for the production of round bread perfectly leavened.

Four dividers with different characteristics and production capacities, designed to allow both small and industrial bakeries to benefit from the new zero-stress technology


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