Print2Pack exhibition 10, 11, 12 September 2018 – Cairo – Egypt

The 7th Edition of the Leading International Exhibition for Printing, Packing and Packaging Industry in Egypt, Africa& MENA Region.

Print 2 Pack is the most growing, developing and successful exhibition in Egypt and Africa gathering under one roof all professionals specialty’s in all packaging and printing industry with all potential buyers in 3 days business networking and face to face sales & marketing

Building on the success of 2018 edition Print 2 Pack 2019 will strive to stay always ahead of the curve and will feature more range of world leading manufacturers and suppliers. It will provide a fruitful and transparent interaction between the suppliers and industry specialists to introduce themselves to the rapidly-developing markets.

The majority of participants agree that Print 2 Pack 2018 is the most growing, developing and successful exhibition in Egypt and Africa gathering under one roof all professionals in printing and packaging industry in 3 days business networking and face to face sales & marketing with all potential buyers and trade visitors coming from 32 countries.

If you aim to increasing your company’s profits, developing business relationships, joining the printing, packing and packaging industry elite, and enhancing your company’s image, Print 2 Pack 2019 should become an integral part of your marketing strategy.


Among was prominent achievement at 2018 edition was the trade missions came from different countries who were decision makers highly sought after higher board and senior management members from all major sectors of the printing, packing and packaging industry.

Trade missions were invited by Print 2 Pack 2018 and we’re so keen on attending the event and had shown interest in visiting some of the Egyptian companies and factories and meeting with the numerous exhibitors who were participating in the event from all over the world which had ended by generating and closing up many business deals.

Exhibitors both the international and Egyptian were impressed by the high Egyptian visitors traffic as well as different nationalities of the overseas visitors.


The dynamic Unlimited Possibilities Business Matchmaking Program was opened to all companies – free of charge. Business match making program was sponsored and organized by Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) which is High-Ranking Governmental Official association in Egypt.

Throughout business communications we worked to pre-profile, pre-match and pre-schedule meetings between our exhibitors and Buyers.

Our business matchmaking program offered a fantastic networking opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to interact in a global market place.

Print 2 Pack & PAPER-ME 2018 IN NUMBERS


Total number of exhibitors 314 International exhibitors 199 Egyptian exhibitors 115 Exhibiting countries 24 Gross Exhibiting Area 10800 SQM


* 91℅ of exhibitors stated that they met or surpassed their objectives in terms of sales and signed deals made during the exhibition. 94℅ of exhibitors were satisfied qualitatively and quantitatively with the visitors who had surpassed their expectations.

* 87℅ of exhibitors stated that their return on investment were met and surpassed their expectations.

* 86℅ of exhibitors had expressed their interest in rebooking the next year with bigger booth.

* 7℅ of exhibitors had suggestions to better improve the show for the upcoming edition.


Total number of visitors 9455 Visiting countries 32 Top countries Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, The Sudan, Germany, France, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen Bangladesh Saudi Arabia, And Much More. A total of nearly 9455 professional trade visitors representing leading companies attended the event compared with 7259 visitors who attended PAPER-ME 2017 this demonstrates an increase in interest across the region’s Paper industry.


* 92℅ of visitors were satisfied with the products range that met their interest and needs.

* 88℅ of visitors expected to do business with the exhibitors.


– Fast convenient access to new, alternative and emerging markets in Africa and MENA region.
– Networking opportunities with thousands of new customers.
– Total market awareness about Africa and MENA region.
– To review your business strategy in Africa and MENA region.
– To monitor your competitors in this regions.
– To identify business growth opportunities in Africa and MENA region.
– To meet face to face with agent that you are looking for and set suppliers with better conditions and qualities.
– To support your overseas agents and distributers in these regions and neighboring states.
– To understand the impact of macroeconomic development on your business I. Africa and MENA region.
– To evaluate risk and opportunities in Africa and MENA region.


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