Polin group; technology on demand for pastry, bread and biscuits industries

polin grup Who is Polin Polin is an Italian company designing and manufacturing tailored industrial plants for bread, pastry, biscuits and cookie production. The Company was established in 1929 and became at once an international leader in manufacturing tunnel ovens and successfully going through each historical and evolutionary step of the technology. Constantly focusing on innovation and rapidly advancing in necessary knowledge allowed the Company to entirely develop the lines, carried out worldwide over the course of decades.

Presently, Polin offers complete technology, always in line with the most functional evolutions. Obtaining Customer’s maximum satisfaction, both on product and service levels is our goal.

Polin Group
In the Eighties Polin became core and business center of a highly specialized group of companies, working together in a perfect productive coordination. The leader company’s engineering capacity has firstly been integrated by Ostali, an established leader in manufacturing industrial machines for bread and pastry. The Group was joined in a later time by Mixer, established in 1992, in order to give a strong impulse to the technological development of mixing and dough feeding for industrial plants. The most recent new entry in Polin Group is Bartom, a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of enrobing, decorating, glazing, and cooling for chocolate and stacking systems for biscuits.

Polin expertise covers most products
During years of activity Polin brought its technology all over the world: Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australia, installing hundreds of lines of different dimensions and for any kind of product:

  • single color deposited cookies
  • single color wire cut cookies
  • double color deposited cookies
  • double color wire cut cookies
  • filled cookies
  • extruded biscuits
  • crackers
  • hard sweet biscuits
  • soft biscuits
  • pastry
  • bread
  • pizza

Two examples: cracker line and butter cookies line
The Polin Cracker line represents the maximum expression of a line for Hard Biscuits and Crackers, where the sheeting section is the most complete, designed to obtain a dough sheet having final thickness lower than one millimeter and at the same time of absolute regularity both structural and dimensional; this thanks to a suitable Four roll sheeter, a Laminator with advanced features, a series of Gauge rolls completed by the final one with rollers 400 mm dia., a double roller Rotary cutter and a whole series of adjustments, both manual and automatic, which guarantee the above. The line is designed to be able to reach high speeds, in the order of 50 m/min or more, in order to feed ovens up to 120 m long. The latter are generally hybrid, with the first zones DGF type, such as to be able to supply to the product in a short time (the 2.5 min bake time is a rather frequent value) and correctly all the thermal energy he needs.

Within the biscuit lines, the Polin Butter cookie line represents the best and most efficient combination of units suitable for producing a fantasy (assortment) of different cookies, such as rotary molded, extruded, wire-cut, encrusted, deposited, also of different colors, with characteristics such as to be able to be baked at the same time all together in single row and then appear on the packaging conveyor in proportions as desired. The product lines are suitably interlocked so that the baking layout is the best for proper baking. Each make-up unit has its own independent Dough feeding system, has the maximum accessibility for any maintenance and cleaning operation, and can be used alone (after mold replacing) if it is intended to produce only one type of product. All the units in line are homogeneous from the constructive and functional point of view, and an advanced control system manages the indispensable perfect synchronism. The baking ovens, with steel belt conveyor, are of the Cyclothymic or Hybrid type (Cyclothymic and Convection), depending on the needs and features of the product itself.

For more info on polin, click here  https://www.polin.it/


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