Machinery for bakery and confectionery industry

GIRISIM - FP 2Girisim Makina is the leading machinery producer in Turkey with its 4 different production facilities amounting to 12.000 m2 production area. Girisim Makina has production experience since 1995 and has exported to more than 50 countries all around the world. Girisim Makina always uses the latest technology and follows the recent developments and innovations in its own industry to benefit from them in its own production.

Girisim Makina has a wide range of product and solution ways mainly for the bakery and confectionery industry. The short list of product variety is given below:

  • All kinds of packaging machines for confectionery and bakery industry
  • Wafer Production Lines
  • Horizontal flow-pack packaging machines (including high-speed ones)
  • Overwrapping (envelope-type) packaging machines (rice cake, wafer, biscuits, etc. packaging)
  • Vertical Weighing & Filling & Packaging Machines
  • Horizontal Form & Fill & Seal Machines (Doypack Bags with zipper or caps)
  • Ready-Cups Filling & Sealing Machines
  • Thermoforming (form & fill & seal) packaging machines
  • Filling & Capping & Labeling Machines
  • Halvah Slicing and Packaging Machines
  • Biscuit Cream Sandwiching Machines
  • Powdered Sugar Mills

Girisim Makina produces overwrapping packaging machine with a full servo system that gives the user the advantage of easy adjustment and fast turnover from one product to another during the operation. Overwrapping packaging machine makes the packaging of the products such as biscuit, rice cakes, wafers, soap, etc., in the envelope type form and adds easy open unit. In addition to the envelope type packaging on both sides, Girisim Makina has the technology to make the packages with one side view in the envelope type while the other side is clipped or twisted. Depending on the product type and the properties of the production line, automatic product feeding applications on overwrapping machines might be applied.

Girisim Makina produces horizontal flow pack packaging machines. Girisim Makina has the capability to make synchronization of your packaging processes with your production lines at any production levels and Girisim Makina has experience with the application of 650 pieces of product packaging per minute.

Girisim Makina produces biscuit cream sandwiching machines with two or four heads where the capacity of the machine reaches up to 2.400 pieces per minute depending on the size and shape of the biscuits.
Girisim Makina produces vertical form fill seal packaging machines including the high-speed continuous ones that are highly needed in the more industrialized facilities. In addition to vertical ones, Girisim Makina also produces horizontal form fill seal machines where the customers might receive sachet-type 4-side flat sealed bags with an option of the top spout and daypack bags with the option of the zipper, top or corner spout and straw insertion applications. Some bag samples are given here:

Girisim Makina produces wafer production lines in different capacities and also supplies its customers most of the biscuit and chocolate processing equipment such as chocolate coating lines and cooling tunnels or biscuit molds and many others. We would feel happy when our task is well done and when we make you very satisfied with our products and services. For any kind of your inquiries, Girisim Makina would be glad to provide you with full information and give you any support.


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