Dübör presents modulisation a faster cleaner and more efficient method of coating

The DÜBÖR® Company, run by Horst and Holger Groeneweg, comprises several companies in the fields of oil processing, confectionery glaze production and the construction of spraying equipment.

For over 50 years the DÜBÖR® GROUP has been the reliable partner in all things regarding release agents, spraying methods and machinery. Premium emulsions, separating agents, release wax and cutting oils of all kinds belong to the DÜBÖR® product line. Our wide range of TRENNAKTIV products has been producing guaranteed, high quality, releasing agents for more than 50 years.

All products are 100% organic and antiallergenic, and you will find RSPO products as well as HALAL and KOSHER certificated products. DÜBÖR® has been IFS certified since 2005.

The foundation stone for the group was laid in 1961, when entrepreneur Horst Groneweg established his first factory in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, to produce release agents and the related equipment for applying them.

A large number of product and process innovations can be traced back to Horst Groneweg himself. Over the years, working together with his son Holger, he built up a small family business into a globally-aware, internationally active group with factories around the world. As company successor, Holger has already taken over the day to day running of several of these factories. Horst Groeneweg, however, is still everpresent in the Group’s laboratories and development centers and plays a significant role in the ongoing development work.

DÜBÖR has long started moving towards Industry 4.0 and is presenting the latest automatic control engineering at the Iba 2018 in Munich.

The new generation of machines has been equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen for intuitive user guidance. Thanks to digital controllers, all the machine’s performance and consumption data are tracked continually and evaluated within the context of preventative maintenance.

Thus, for example, the new generation of TSA 800 automatically indicates maintenance requirements according to how intensively it is used.

In addition, it has a recipe database which can be used to manage and open a wide range of different spray quantity settings at any time.

The DÜBÖR remote maintenance concept rounds this digital system off. Machine and technician are connected via the internet. Data exchange takes place via a secure, encoded connection.

This leads to a considerable added value for the machine operator: Most of the faults caused by faulty settings or operation can be eliminated quickly via the digital access option without expensive and time-consuming onsite intervention being necessary.

The innovative concept of the TSA 800 is also completed by the new nozzle generation which fulfills the highest hygienic requirements thanks to its clean in place design. DÜBÖR also specializes in the construction of customized spraying equipment. Meeting our customers’ performance requirements is central to our work. Our extensive product range is designed to match their expectations whatever the recipe or product.


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