ACMA At Prosweets: ninety-five years of mechanical innovation and tradition

ACMAFor more than a century ACMA, a Coesia Group com­pany has been a leading player in the design and marketing of confectionery packaging solu­tions. At the forthcoming edition of ProSweets, the company will be presenting a blend of historical and contemporary technologies, ena­bling visitors to try out the functions of the new operator interface and to immerse themselves in an interac­tive experience. Also on show will be an original “749”, a machine with nearly eighty years’ history behind it that contributed to ACMA’s success on the global market.

There are many companies that can boast a long-standing tradition, but few that can exhibit a “genetic her­itage” stretching back 95 years: in Cologne ACMA will be presenting a working specimen of the “749”, a sweet packaging machine launched at the end of the 1930s.

Designed by Bruto Carpigiani – a renowned engineer working in Bolo­gna’s packaging valley – to perfect preceding models, the machine was successfully manufactured for many decades, also invariants that made it possible to perform differ­ent types of wrapping.

A set of kinematic actions trans­form the motor’s rotary movement into an alternating movement, while the machine’s pincers almost seem to imitate the movement of a hu­man hand while wrapping. Lying at the centre of these movements is the most important innovation: a z-shaped double wheel that enables great flexibility.

For the era it was a revolutionary invention, one that was able to pro­pel ACMA machines to a position of pre-eminence and to guarantee the company’s success on the interna­tional market.


mcaThe guiding principle of innovation has never been broken and has led the company to span the dec­ades by consistently offering cut­tingedge solutions. This has posi­tioned it in the confectionery and other markets as a leading player and an expert partner in the quest for solutions to meet the needs of customers.

At Cologne, ACMA will be presenting its new operator panel (Web HMI), a revolutionary approach to machine interaction and management.

The new panel guides the user through all operations in an intuitive and user-friendly way, from day to day machine operation to mainte­nance and format changeover.

It allows for real-time intervention (Advanced Remote Assistance) by ACMA’s team of experts to perform diagnostics and fast troubleshoot­ing. In addition, it constantly moni­tors the machine’s operational pa­rameters to optimize the production flow settings, ensuring maximum efficiency and keeping downtimes to a minimum.


mcaFor ACMA, “innovation” means not only “performance” but also the pursuit of efficiency. One of its fundamental rules is to develop cost-effective solutions in terms of both energy consumption and envi­ronmental impact. For this reason, special attention will be paid during the event to developments within the world of packaging that relate to materials and sustainability.

Through its synergy with the Coesia Group, particularly in the research and testing of innovative technolo­gies and materials, ACMA positions itself as a leading partner in the creation and handling of special shapes to distinguish products on the market. Perfect, cutting-edge technological integration to ensure maximum market success.

In Cologne ACMA will be coexhib­iting alongside XPack, a company specialized in the development of wrapping machines mainly for the confectionery sector. XPack offers solutions that respond to differing production and financial needs in the market, handling.

Products with a combination of flex­ibility and quality. As well as choco­late wrapping machines XPack has also, over the years, developed in­dividual projects for the soap and coffee markets, thus highlighting the company’s engineering versatil­ity.

ProSweets 2019  ACMA at Hall 10.1, booth G40 H41

For more info on ACMA, click here


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