Cama installs an ultra-automated packaging line for Cabrioni

Cabrioni is a well renowned Italian cookie brand with a strong and unique passion for nature and traditional methods with their headquarters located amid the hills of Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy), almost 800 meters above sea level.

Founded in 1973, the company has always pursued a manufacturing philosophy based on the production of products of excellence, requiring the highest quality ingredients: fresh-laid eggs, fresh cream butter, the finest selected variants of Italian flour, malt and honey. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no dehydrated products.

In order to remain competitive in the market, and considering the high quality of the ingredients, these constitute a significant proportion of the cost of production, Cabrioni has developed a different strategy. “We believe that investments are the best way to ensure the development of the company.” – explains Stefano Cabrioni, President – “Over the years we have invested heavily in infrastructure and automation, selecting highly qualified suppliers with whom we have established strategic partnerships. This approach has allowed us to obtain a positive return of investment, both economic and qualitative, in a relatively short time“.

Since 2005, the company has gradually expanded its production area, which today extends over an ultra-modern, space-optimized area of 15,000 m2. The logistics structure includes a fully automated warehouse managed by AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), which collect the pallets at the end of the line and place them on the special vertical racks in a pre-established order, before loading onto trucks.

Investments in infrastructure has gone hand in hand with the automation of the various production lines. In particular, on the two lines dedicated to the production of wafers, Cabrioni has recently replaced the manual packaging process with installation of a new fully robotized Cama line. The new line’s short return on Investment was justified against increased production efficiency and significant labour savings.

Biscottificio Cabrioni already owns three Cama packaging lines. The renewed confidence in the Italian supplier is explained by Angelo Cabrioni, the company’s founder: “Even at production level, our philosophy is to invest in quality high-tech machinery to optimize the packaging process and minimize waste and machine downtime for repairs. We appreciated the solution proposed by Cama for the simplicity of the process and the reliability of the system that guarantees an efficiency rate over 95%”.

Biscottificio Cabrioni can look to the future with optimism, counting on a turnover that has increased since 2012 at a rate of 5% per year. The commercial strategy of the company aims to increase both domestic and export sales volume, especially in those areas where the company is less established. This will be achieved through the expansion of the product range from prepared cakes through to ready to cook ingredients. A new 3000m2 factory expansion, adjacent to the main plant, will be ready by the end of the year.

Sales growth is also expected as result of the Biscottificio Cabrioni’s continued web and social media presence for it marketing campaigns.

The Cama line in detail

The new Cama packaging line consists of a mono-block fully robotized loading system model IF318 with integrated box forming/ loading/closing units, and a wrap-around case packer model FW748.

The packaging process includes the robotic forming of 3-flap boxes from flat blanks, which may be with or without a transparent window. Flow-wrapped wafers are top loaded into the boxes, using a 2-axis RB robot, 5 flow-packs per box. Boxes are then closed by hot melt, again using a 2 axis robot acting on multiple boxes each cycle. Finished boxes are conveyed to the case packer, where they are loaded into a pre-formed wraparound display case, in various different configurations. The display case is then closed and sent to the palletizer. The machine is equipped with a special photocell device for non-glued flaps and case rejection system onto free roller conveyor at machine outfeed.

The line can produce 330 cartons per minute with 22 per wraparound case.

The robotic monoblock system and the wrap-around case packer are part of the Break-Through Generation (BTG) range, which incorporates the latest Cama technological innovations: higher sanitary standards, open profile, improved integrated cable system routing (ICR), flexible and compact configuration, ergonomics of use, user-friendly controls, energy-saving engineering, easy recognition of format change equipment.

The electrical cabinets have been integrated in the machine structure to gain space, while the “easy entry” solution guarantees safe and ease access for maintenance and cleaning. The magazine has been positioned at 800 mm height for improved operator ergonomics.


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