Mini Motor, innovative solutions for automation

The history of Mini Motor begins at Bagnolo in Piano, Italy, in 1965. Today, Mini Motor designs and produces innovative solutions for automation and motion control, with a catalog of thousands of items, including worm, coaxial and epicycloidal geared motors, drives and frequency converters, gear motors and brushless servomotors with integrated drive, high quality and excellent performance, suitable for use in the most demanding sectors. MiniMotor is present in more than 55 countries in the world, through an efficient distribution network: 5 branches – Italy, Germany, Holland, USA and United Arab Emirates – and a large group of dealers.

Main products WBS e DBS Series

An evolutionary leap towards an unprecedented approach to the world of automation: this is the vision behind WBS, an all-in-one product capable to increase flexibility and simplify the operation of automation systems. WBS is a series of wireless brushless servomotors with integrated drive, thanks to the built-in wireless interface and the presence of an inductive charging battery. For the Industry 4.0 scenarios, automation and motion control, the WBS products, available at the beginning of 2019, are the ideal components, together with those of the DBS series, brushless servomotors with integrated drive, equipped with multiturn absolute encoder and extended connectivity with the support of the 6 most common fieldbuses.

SS Series

For the highly demanding food & beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, Mini Motor proposes the SS series engines, which combine the reduced dimensions with the superior characteristics of stainless steel: with a completely smooth surface without any grooves, protection level IP69K, they are ideal for use in aggressive environments or when high standard hygienic standards are required. From this point of view, stainless steel has characteristics similar to glass and porcelain and ensures resistance to corrosion, surface compactness, absence of porosity, high bacterial removability in the cleaning cycles and low bacterial retentivity.

DR Series

The DR series motors represent the evolution of the classic single and three-phase motors. The perfect integration of drive, motor and gear reduces energy consumption and, thanks to the electronic speed control system, low load consumption decreases significantly. The integrated drive allows you to fully manage speed and torque and let you set different speeds, which remain constant even when the load changes. Connectivity is guaranteed by a connection module that supports the six most common fieldbuses. With the DR series motors, you can use a daisy chain connection, with 50% of cables reduction; plus, their optimized design guarantees space savings of up to 50%. Finally, all DR products are equipped with universal input – with 115/230 Volt and 50/60 Hz input – EMC filter for noise suppression and Safe Torque Off.


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