Per la prima volta in Francia, la 22a Conferenza Europea di PETnology si svolgerà durante ALL4PACK Paris 2018

Thanks to the 22 PETnology Conference, which will take place in Paris on 26 and 27 November 2018, PETnology explores new horizons in line with ALL4PACK, the marketplace for success for packaging, processing, printing and logisitics. The decision to hold the conference in Paris underlines the international opening of the trade fair event.

ALL4PACK and PETnology Europe are extremely complementary, considering that among the declared mission of ALL4PACK, the fair dedicates an important attention to the chain of treatment of PET packaging, printing, treatment and logistic solutions.

Focus: Technology

In 2018, PETnology Europe will pay particular attention to technical and technological developments along the value chain for thermoformed and blown packaging systems. The latest developments in the field of equipment, films, preforms, caps and closures, bottles and containers, labels, recycling, etc. are the answers to today’s market needs, in particular regarding the circular economy, sustainability, digitalisation and eco-design.

Focus: Sustainability

Think of arrival from the start: consumers demand environmentally sustainable packaging. The companies that distribute the packaging as well as the producers of consumer goods, agri-food and beverages take up the challenge and work at full capacity by tightening partnerships with the packaging producers, the companies involved in recycling and also with the humanitarian organizations and environmental. Transformers and manufacturers of machinery and equipment of the entire value chain respond by optimizing the sustainability of their products and processes, collaborating and presenting new approaches to the manufacturing industry.

Focus: Partnership

Partnerships and networking are another focus of the conference, particularly networking between industries, non-governmental organizations and social initiatives. With the help of digital, networking can particularly accelerate the development of adequate and above all sustainable solutions. The benefits of networking will be presented at PETnology Europe 2018, which will put the spotlight on technologies and products aimed at preserving them. resources and to produce PET packaging products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Rather than being incinerated and ending up in landfills, these products are recoverable and will be reused as they are ideal recyclable materials. PETnology Europe is an independent and neutral event. With the slogan «connecting comPETence»,

What is PETnology?

For many years PETnology has served as an information platform for the international PET packaging industry . Since our first PET Technology international conference in 2001, more than 20 others have been held. PETnology Europe is an independent eneutral event platform. With the slogan «connectingcomPETence», PETnology is ready to promote communication, to bring together the knowledge and information of all segments of the value chain, in favor of our products, our environment and our professions.

Who attends this conference?

As an international technology platform, PETnology Europe covers all aspects of the value chain, from market relationships to sustainable development initiatives, film machine technology, preforms, bottles, caps and labels. , until recycling. The participants come from all sectors of the PET processing industry: suppliers, converters, packaging manufacturers, producers in the agri-food and beverage sector.

Why did you choose ALL4PACK Paris for your next PETnology conference in Europe?

Thanks to the international opening of the show, to hold the conference in Paris was a logical decision. All4Pack and PETnology Europe are extremely complementary precisely because of their orientation: among the declared mission of ALL4PACK, the fair dedicates a major attention to the PET treatment chain: packaging, printing, treatment and logistics solutions.

What issues and issues will be approached at the conference?

Naturally, we will focus on the technical and technological developments of the thermoformed and blown packaging systems . The latest developments respond to the needs of the market: circular economy, sustainability, digitization and eco-design. The general technological theme is supported by networking that functions as a catalyst and accelerator of development. More and more manufacturers of consumer goods, the food and beverage industries are partnering with packaging and recycling companies and with humanitarian and environmental organizations. All this responds to the market demand for environmentally responsible packaging and sustainable reuse. PETnology Europe 2018 will focus
on these issues.

The word to Véronique Sestrières

We are pleased that the PETnology Europe Conference will be held for the first time in France at the ALL4PACK Paris (Comexposium Group). At the same time, our organizations pursue the same objective of quality and competence for the benefit of the operators of the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem. We welcome the participants of the conference and hope that they will be able to take advantage of ALL4PACK and the city of Paris.

Welcome in France!
Welcome to Paris!


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