Sirha 2019, the place where tomorrow’s food trends come to life

How would you define the Sirha in 2019?
By focusing on the influences and innovations in the industry that have always been at the heart of the Sirha promise, while at the same time preserving the spirit of a festive gourmet event that embodies its signature, the event has become one of the most important trade shows in the Food Service industry worldwide. It is an exceptional venue for business that draws more than 200,000 professionals, including 25,000 chefs, and yet it is also an event that people enjoy for its friendly ambiance.
Every two years, the world of Food Service convergences on Lyon and the Sirha to exchange and soak up the major trends in food, catering, new techniques and services. Our 10 sections dedicated to animations and 21 contests contribute to this enrichment together with the 3,000 exhibitors.The event is so popular with both exhibitors and visitors, that we have decided this year to expand the trade show by adding a new hall offeringan additional surface area of 10,000 sqm.
What are the emerging trends for this edition?
We have a network of events and global partners and continually interact with players in the Food Service industry. This puts us in a unique and privileged position. Thanks to this intimacy with the many different facets of the market we can spot the emerging influences well in advance. For this edition we have identified and reviewed 7 influences that will be represented throughout our demonstration sections. Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact they have on our environment but also of what’s good for their health. They also want to find establishments that offer actual emotional experiences. We have carried out some long term projections in order to anticipate even further the consumers’ future behaviours.

How will you share the decrypting of these evolutions and innovations?
We are convinced that Food Service shapes the way we will eat in the future. That’s why as part of Sirha we organise an exclusive event – Sirha World Cuisine Summit – that will feature special guests, opinion leaders, top chefs, entrepreneurs – for an exceptional workshop addressing the future of food. Contributors of international standing will share their convictions, choices and best practices and will explain their vision as well as the steps we should take to tackle the major challenge of eating better food. Our prestigious competitions also contribute energy: the tests that participants must face in our major contests
also change in order to account for consumers’ new aspirations. The tests now present new challenges for the chefs: The Bocuse d’Or for instance will now require more ‘instinctive cooking’ while in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie the pastry chefs will face the challenge of creating a vegan dessert. Our mission is to offer the keys to understand a market that is increasingly complex and competitive, and to encourage technical innovation, creativity and growth for businesses in the food service and hospitality industry. Sirha is where the Food Service industry and more broadly speaking the food habits of tomorrow are shaped.



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