Another great achievement of bondani srl packing system

With its headquarters located in the heart of the Italian food-valley, namely the province of Parma, Bondani Srl Packing System is now a consolidated reality and of absolute excellence to be chosen as a reliable partner by many important national and international companies in the food industry and not only. The Parma-based company, based in Noceto, has always produced complete mechanization lines: from the conveyor belt for individual packs to the palletization of boxes and trays. And thanks to the in-depth and specific experience of its highly qualified technical and design staff, it is able to intervene in the most complex packaging and product handling problems. This system, fully automatic, once fully operational, will be able to palletize 3 distinct lines of boxes at the same time, coming from three different packaging machines.
Bondani integrates anthropomorphic robots into its plants since 2001: also in this case the palletization is entrusted to an anthropomorphous one on which has been applied a multifunction gripping head and a particular reinforced base, suitably designed and sized according to the specific needs dictated by the project.

With this system, the company has once again confirmed that it is able to cope with the continuous evolution of the market, introducing cutting-edge systems and solutions. The plant, the one built, which is fully part of the industry 4.0, where traceability of the product, exchange of production data in real time, human-machine interface, remote teleassistance system and dedicated network for data exchange, are essential characteristics. Particular attention has also been paid to the containment of energy consumption through the use of electric motors in class IE3. All the mechanization and handling of the full and empty pallets takes place using an LGV-type smart shuttle. Once the blades have been formed, they are wrapped one by one and labeled univocally and finally sent to the existing centralized warehouse. An important work has been done on product tracking: through the use of suitable barcode readers equipped with illuminators: the boxes are read one by one at the entrance to the palletizing bay; this allows to generate a unique code for the pallet that, once wrapped and labeled, will proceed towards the warehouse. Complete a SCADA software system with interactive lay-out. A state-of-the-art realization that confirms the ability of Bondani Srl Packing System to respond to the most innovative market needs. The company operates in a highly competitive sector and has shown that dynamism, speed in giving answers and maximum flexibility in customizing projects and jobs according to specific customer requirements are the key to obtaining excellent results. So this last realization also gives prestige to the history of Bondani srl, which has continued its entrepreneurial journey for 23 years as always with dedication and seriousness.                 


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