Gualapackgroup packaging solutions

Overtime the Italian GualapackGroup, world leader of premade spouted stand-up pouches for food and nonfood applications, has built its market leadership through an extensive set of technologies. The Group, well known for the benefits of its integrated packaging solution, including Spouted Pouches, Caps and Filling Lines, also offers different stand-alone components, such as laminates, pouches and injection molding parts like straws and caps, to meet the increasing complexity of customer’s needs on a global scale.

Given that consumer’s behavior has changed significantly during the last decades, unsurprisingly on-the-go consumption of easy to use spouted pouches for food and beverages has increased, with children loving them the most.

Hence, innovative processes and products, based on a detailed analysis of customer’s needs and changing consumer habits, are key strategic company’s priorities.


To that extent, for example, the GualapackGroup & Aptar are partnering up to launch the first premade No-Spill Pouch targeting the beverage segment, to provide significant benefits to consumers and brand owners, such as:

  • Superior flow control of product for precise dispensing
  • Leak-proof design providing a convenient and reliable no-spill use
  • Perfect safety
  • Fit all current Gualapack System cap types
  • Fit all current Gualapack System filling lines

The No-Spill Pouch is available for different product categories such as, for example, juices, flavored waters or drinking yogurts.

Concomitantly, the focus on customer needs lead Gualapack to the development of a newest filling machine, the CHP8H Rotary model. This new filling line offers highest production speed combined with extraordinary flexibility:
up to 4 different flavours, as well as 4 different caps can be processed at the same time. The machine is equipped with a double rotating table including 4 filling heads each and provides a pouch output on 4 separate lanes, one for each taste.

The production speed up to 260 pcs/min exceeds the highest standards in the market which is unequalled for a machine with a similar reduced footprint of only 7 x 5,5 meters. Combined with the elliptical Pasteurization tower it is the perfect solution
for limited ground in the production area.

The GualapackGroup operates through 3 production sites in Italy, while boasting its international presence with manufacturing plants and sales offices in Romania, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Ukraine, and joint ventures in China and the USA to better serve its
customers locally and globally.



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