From pioneer to leader in technology

Minebea Intec is a leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies. With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, for around 150 years the company has been offering products and services which have become synonymous with innovation, performance and reliability. With around 1,000 employees worldwide, 19 sites and a network of over 185 certified international distribution partners, Minebea Intec is a global player in its industry.
Having sold more than 90,000 inspection systems, 350,000 industrial scales and indicators, around 1,000,000 industrial load cells, and services worldwide, the company can be relied upon by its customers and partners from a wide range of industries.

This year Minebea Intec celebrates a special anniversary at its Aachen facility, marking 70 years of metal detection.
In 1948, the company Dr. Hans Boekels GmbH & Co. started developing civilian metal detectors, and in doing so laid the foundations for a success story to blossom.
Its first products were metal detectors used in open-cast mining. The aim was to detect unexploded ammunition and bombs picked up by lignite excavators.

To this day, the world’s largest metal detectors are used in open-cast mines. Detectors are used in the wood industry to protect saw blades. In rivers such as the Port of Hamburg, metal detectors are used underwater to search for remnants from the war. Metal detectors have also been increasingly used to protect consumers in the wake of growing automation in the food industry and the associated risk of contamination.
Detectors have now become standard equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This has led to an increasing demand for ever-higher detection sensitivity.
The introduction of phase rectifiers was a key.

Innovative weighing and inspection solutions by Minebea Intec.

True In-Process Validation makes it possible to position test pieces at the centre of the product flow.


milestone in the late 1970s, as it meant that multichannel technology was now better equipped to block out interfering product signals.
Since then, the Minebea Intec has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers through continuous development.
In 2016 the company crowned its worldwide metal detection portfolio
by the freefall metal detection Vistus. The special feature of the freefall system is its True In-Process Validation, which, unlike conventional detectors, validates performance at the centre of the search coil and during production processes. This is the least sensitive part of detectors; the targeted functional test offers here the best possible safety.
Today the global supplier provides a comprehensive range of weighing and inspection solutions for the food industry – from goods-in to goods-out whether automated or manual processes including filling and packaging. Its product portfolio includes platform scales, load cells, vessel and silo scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and user-friendly software solutions. All products are developed according to the principles of intuitiveness, professionalism and customer orientation.
A current example for the company’s customer focus is the recently launched service tool miRemote. The tool enables users to directly access services from the leading provider of industrial weighing and inspection solutions, regardless of their location.
The rapid on-the-spot service is operated via an app. Minebea Intec service technicians can analyse issues or problems in real time and provide first support via a live-chat function.
The miRemote service tool bridges therefore the gap between preventive service measures and corrective repair, rendering national borTrue In-Process Validation makes it possible to position test pieces at the centre of the product flow MINEBEA – FP 5-18.indd 6 04/10/18 11:38 Wrapping – Labelling – Filling FOCUS ON ders and time zones irrelevant in the process.


Via miRemote Minebea Intec service technicians can provide immediate, targeted assistance using finger pointing

Another innovative product by Minebea Intec is the hygienic weighing module Novego. What distinguishes Novego above all is its overall performance.
A variety of constructive details following EHEDG guidelines minimises soiling and provides an efficient cleaning process.
Particularly noteworthy examples include the minimising of horizontal surfaces, low surface roughness or the use of FDA compliant silicones. Another plus for long product lifetime is, amongst other things, an extraordinarily corrosion resistant 1.4418 stainless steel that is new to weighing technology.

The innovative product design along with the selection of high-quality materials makes Novego highly resistant to soiling, corrosion and aggressive cleaning materials. Uniquely in the market, Novego guarantees measuring accuracy even when there are lateral forces of up to 20 percent of the load. The remarkable resistance to transverse forces is ideal for weighing such things as mixers.

Minebea Intec is part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, one of the leading suppliers of high-precision production components, such as ball bearings and engines, as well as high-quality electronic components, such as sensors, antennae and IoT solutions. The group, based in Tokyo, has over 78,000 employees worldwide and reported a consolidated net turnover of JPY 880.000 million (approx. EUR 6.7 billion) for 2017.



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