Flexible packaging materials

Cartotecnica Veneta SpA has more than 60 years of experience and it is presented on the flexible packaging industry since 1956.

The market expansion, the growth of our production capacity, as well as the development of the machines range.

We promote and keep up with innovation and packaging solutions. Thanks to a constant research for new packaging destined to the automatic packing industry.

We are supplier of flexible packaging made of paper, cardboard and plastic materials. Our strength is the custommade product that allows us to offer innovative solutions for food, non-food, liquid packaging and converter business.

We produce packaging in all its aspects as flexible packaging for food (confectionary, bakery, dairy industry, pet food etc.) and non-food market (stickers, tobacco, personal care etc.), liquid packaging (complex, flowpack and accessories ), Semifinished products for converter, multilayer barrier products, coated paper and cardboard and biocompostable products.

Our company can also provide the client with continuous and renewed support on the new materials research and development.

Thanks to our internal laboratory and its innovative equipments Cartotecnica Veneta is able to provide the client with an important support for quality control, analysis and various tests.

Creating custom-made packaging our productive process diversifies depending on the composition, materials, printing and final use. In any case, we offer:
flexographic and rotogravure printing, lamination, extrusion coating, slitting and rewinding process. Printing skills meet material’s technology.

The first in the world quality control management system of colors for rotogravure, improved by a mixing station and an importantKnowledge of Both traditional and innovative supports, makes us able to transform every idea into reality.

In order to understand changings and stay young in spite of our long history: enhancing this unique resource is part of our DNA. In other words, our mission
is to be “flexible”.



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