Cavanna, new company logo

We would therefore like to explain briefly the reasons that led us to rebranding (the process of profound renewal of ideology and values, positioning and strategy) and consequently the restyling of our image.

Rebranding and Restyling are closely linked: the logo change is the direct consequence of the evolution of our values and the ideology of the brand.

The logo represents only one of the actors involved, but it is also the first “visible” expression of our company. Our logo is an acquired and recognized element and change it would have no meaning or effectiveness, but revitalize it, yes.

So we proceeded to change the colors, to make it cooler, smart and new abandoning the image a bit ‘ industrial ‘ in favor of an image made of complementary and harmonious colors.

With this rebranding we want to reflect the image that the company wants to give of itself and of its brands to stakeholders:

  • CURIOSITY: Being curious is our characteristic and it is also what allows us to grow, to explore the new, to improve the existing.
  • DYNAMISM: We are constantly moving, to the constant search for new solutions.
  • OPEN MIND: To provide answers to often seemingly unsolvable demands, to the new challenges given by the ever-faster evolution of society and markets, as well as to their complexity, we must maintain a mental openness that will enable us to develop The best solutions.
  • PERSEVERANCE: perseverance and persistence belong to us, are the reasons that led us to be at the forefront in the construction of machines and packaging systems. The new image application is a teamwork that reflects the profound change of the times we live in.



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