C Leap: the new revolutionary labelling system from Makro Labelling

A year after presentation to the European market at Drinktec 2017, the C Leap lands on US soil for the first time during the Expo International Pack in Chicago

Remaining to the corporate philosophy that has been based on the concepts of modularity, flexibility and  practicality. For Makro Labeling http://www.makrolabelling.it today one of the leading producers of industrial labellers, this is the launch pad for innovation, the same that recently led to the development of the LEAP C, Makro Labeling’s new labeller, and even before that, a new way of conceiving the labelling process. “LEAP is no exception.” The idea is then studied and developed, from definition of the technical specifications and feasibility, to design, prototyping, testing, implementation of functions and further development. This is how it went with the LEAP C we will be taking the International Expo in Chicago Pack. For this machine, the invention was not just an innovative machine, but a genuine revolution in the labelling world, Massimo Manzotti , President and Sales Director of Makro Labeling. 

The consumption of magnetic linear motors, the C LEAP is no longer bound by the construction constraints of traditional rotary machines, particularly for glue applications. While previously, labellers were structurally constrained to an established number of plates, and the new C LEAP overturns this system. In the C LEAP, the magnetic linear motors move freely on a ring. Within this, the program can set its own spacing, without the need to respect a given relationship between the number of plates and the division of the labeling assembly. Users can create their own spacing in relation to the labeling assembly, but they do not need a large number of plates or large diameters. The labeller can also be modified with additional modules.Pack Expo International – Chicago (from 14 to 17 October, booth 4159), the reference exhibition for the US and Canadian markets.

MAKRO LABELING’S AUTUMN  EXHIBITION CALENDAR features a dense program of the new company and participation in new events on new and strategic markets, part of the company’s recent participation in the “Processing & Packaging-The High-Tech Italian Way” network set up to represent and export Made in Italy technological expertise in the world (http://www.processingandpackaging.com).

GULFOOD – 6-8 Nov 2018 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates – Hall 6, Stand F6-28
BRAUBEVIALE – 13-15 Nov 2018 – Nuremberg – Germany – Hall 8 Stand 422
VINITECH – 20-22 Nov 2018 – Bordeaux – France – Stand 1C 2210
ALL4PACK – 26-29 Nov 2018 – Paris – France – Hall B5 – Stands 6 E 017 and 6 E 015




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