Bito pallet live storage meets special demands of beverage industry

Safe and fast distribution to wholesalers and retailers BITO solutions make sure that the products get to the end customers without delay by reducing in-house travel times. Gentle handling also is an important issue as bottles may break. Another challenge for beverage producers and wholesalers/retailers is that bottles come on different load carriers. All these requirements can easily be met with pallet live storage provided by BITO.

Beverage producers have to cope with a constantly rising number of requirements. Besides the frequently used European size pallets, display pallets are increasingly used. With their smaller footprint of half a European size pallet, these load carriers hold several layers of PET bottles secured by shrink wrap foil. Not only can these load carriers be easily handled and positioned on the sales surface of retailers, they also have an advertising effect and take up less space than a Euro pallet.
The difficulty with these load carriers is that they cannot be block-stacked without risking damage to the pressure sensitive bottle caps. Moreover, stacking on pallets is not possible either, because they are not supplied in beverage cases. For beverage retailers, this means a considerable loss of storage space. What they need is a storage solution that allows gentle and above all spacesaving handling.

The rising number of product items is another challenge, since operators try to offer an ever broader portfolio in order to increase their market share. Beverage wholesalers have to reconsider their logistics management, if they want to keep all product varieties on stock, improve efficiency and cope with different demand patterns. In view of the increasing complexity of picking processes, space saving storage with short in-house travel routes and time saving handling is a competitive advantage.


BITO solutions take the lead in order related / dispatch route related picking
BITO provides storage systems to suit any requirement – for goods with slow, medium or fast rotation and for all kinds of load carriers such as bottles, containers and pallets.

BITO storage solutions allow to stock a large number of reference lines on a very small floor surface. This keeps picking routes short and makes for an excellent picking performance. Compared to static shelving & racking, picking times can be reduced by 50%. In many cases, a BITO live storage facility will pay for itself within one year owing to a considerable increase in throughput. Slow moving reference lines that in addition must be held on stock in a lot of product varieties cannot be stocked on pallets, but must be supplied in beverage cases. Thanks to the BITO solution, wholesalers are able to present 32 beverage cases on a floor surface that would otherwise hold 8 pallets only. With 32 beverage cases within direct access, the order picker has the full range of varieties within easy reach without having to walk long ways. Moreover, the FIFO storage principle makes sure that goods move automatically towards the picking face for convenient retrieval of individual cases.

The BITO solution is also suited for less sturdy bottles. Wines and spirits are also safely supplied in BITO live storage lanes – presenting all product varieties in direct access for order pickers or for customers at the point of sale.


The BITO FlowStop load separator guarantees optimum functionality and product availability
The BITO pallet live storage system PROflow comes with an innovative feature that is very useful for beverage distributors: the FlowStop load separator mounted at the picking side of a flow storage installation separates the pallet at the picking face from the second pallet in the same lane. This means that operators can retrieve the front pallet safely and without lane pressure from the pallet behind. Picking individual cases also becomes safer.
Convenience and safety are one aspect of efficient logistics processes.
Avoiding downtimes and repairs is equally important. The BITO FlowStop load separator is maintenance free and operates reliably and out of reach for lift trucks which could possibly damage the mechanism with their forks.



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