Beer Attraction becomes more and more international

An important agreement signed with Italgrob, the Italian Distributors Federation, will bring the International Ho.Re.Ca Meeting to Rimini from 16th to 19th
February 2019 # BA2019
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Beer is growing and attracting the supply chain. In fact, from 16th to 19th February, the leading trade show for specialities and craft beers alongside Italgrob’s International Ho.Re.Ca. BB Tech Expo, the professional trade fair for beer and beverage technologies and Food Attraction, food for Horeca and new catering formats.

The 5th edition will be full of new ideas and opportunities for the entire sector. The new exhibition layout, designed from scratch, is part of the show’s growth in terms of quantity and quality of access, the entrance is 50 meters from the “RiminiFiera” railway station with 16 trains a day at the traders’ disposal. The number of halls will increase from 7 in 2018 to 10 in 2019

BBTech Expo in C1 and C2 halls and continue in the heart of beer craft in BEER ATTRACTION in C3 and C4 halls to end its brewing and food experience in halls C5 and A5. The Italian Cooking Championships organized by the Italian Federation of Chefs (FIC), to continue on to the pizza, street food and food & lab events in the A2, A3 and A4 halls . One of the new entries is the ‘Beer Academy’, ‘Beer Ambassadors’ and ‘Lifetime Achievement’ awards, organized by the partner magazine, ‘The World of Beer’. The big craft beer events will also be returning, starting from the 14th edition of Birra dell’anno, organized by Unionbirrai, a consolidated member of BEER ATTRACTION. The best beers combined with great Italian cuisine will be the stars of the FoodAttraction Lab organized by Castalimenti in hall A5. Internationality will be a significant feature at BEER ATTRACTION, confirmed by a Lounge Area being set aside exclusively for foreign buyers and particularly close attention will be paid to the German, French and Spanish markets.


The modernity of Italgrob’s International Ho.Re.Ca Meeting will also be directed towards opening up more widely to foreign markets. The meeting will bring to Rimini Expo Centre over 1,400 participants from distribution companies ( (850 company owners and collaborators), 320 sellers and 300 goods and service managers for the eating-out market. IHM is, in fact, a one-of-a-kind event, able to attract and unite players from the top league of Ho.Re.Ca.


Collaboration between IHM and BA, while still guaranteeing their respective formats and identities, will offer the market an extremely vast and integral showcase and unique opportunities for Ho.Re.Ca. operators with a parterre of companies, protagonists and specialized content, all in the name of completeness and excellence. A panorama that blends perfectly with Food Attraction, the original and innovative format specifically for food specialities combined with the brewing art. A unique and original glance at new trends in eating out. To complete the picture is BBTECH EXPO, the trade show dedicated to technologies, equipment and accessories for the production and packaging of beers and beverages. A show where machinery and system producers can develop business opportunities, not only with beer and beverage companies, but also with professional visitors.




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