A Group of great succes in the world of packaging

Tailor-made clothing that can be adapted to all needs, in a constantly evolving sector. Tecno Pack Group, a top-of-the-range. market leader in the packaging sector, has reaffirmed this approach.

After the last edition of Ipack ima, the group consisting of three companies headed by Tecno Pack Spa, which for many years now has also included General System Pack and IFP Packaging, the company based in Schio also took part in the 2018 edition of Iba, an important appointment for the industrial bakery and confectionery sectors. ‘For us, it is a very important trade fair,’ said Andrea Motta, Area Manager at Tecno Pack Group. “And it has been another major opportunity to prove that the company understands the needs of each user and adapts its technology to customer requirements, creating solutions that our direct competitors, in some cases, have not yet developed or even conceived.’

The latest products include the new complete hamburger packaging line featuring a washdown system, and the box motion transverse welding system, which is currently the world’s fastest; it can reach an output of 230 packs per minute, offering a flexibility of use that is unprecedented among other long-time welding systems. This brings huge advantages in terms of versatility as well as differentiation: generally, a high-speed machine produces one or two formats at the most. We, instead, allow our customers to work with a wide range of formats, from sweets to trays, always ensuring perfect packs, hermetic sealing and controlled atmosphere.

These services are showing great results: ‘Over the decades, we have specialised in monitoring the global industry,’ Motta adds. ‘More than 80% of the €60 million annual turnover of the Group’s three companies comes from foreign markets, mainly European countries. And we are now gaining significant ground also in the USA, India, the Far East and Russia.’ Another distinctive feature of the Group is that it offers various products that meet the needs of both small companies and large groups, such as Barilla, one of its long-standing customers. ‘We are approached by small to medium-sized users, and we take pride in providing tailored solutions.
Our strategy involves an in-depth analysis of requirements in each case.’ To do this, Tecnopack relies on a workforce of 220 people, including its offices and workshop, with an average of more than 50 designers in its technical departments, to ensure continuous. innovation, and 40 specialist technicians who travel to our customers’ premises to install and commission systems and provide support.

This service is guaranteed by the presence of several branches and by partnerships with other high-tech companies providing support to end customers worldwide. Therefore, by regularly participating in Iba, customers have the chance to see the latest innovations.
The next events will be Gulfood, in Dubai, in February 2019, Cibus Tec in Parma in October 2019, and Interpack in Düsseldorf in 2020.


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