BI FREEZER, new Technologies in refrigeration

The contact freezer features a thin polyethylene film conveyor belt. This passes over a high efficiency aluminium plate filled with pumped ammonia or direct expansion gas . On the upper part, inside the insulated cover, the evaporators provides a high speed air injection towards the product allowing one of the fastest and most efficient freezing processes known. An easy to use and fast cleaning device, the throwaway film guarantees high hygiene standards with a unsignificant cost per kg of product.

Retention time, air speed and other characteristic can be easily setup with the digital control panel or with the more traditional electromechanical panel.
Particularly suitable for thin products, even in consistent weight.

Fish, meat, shrimps, sauces drops, vegetables cubes, semiliquid cream layer, PET trayed products and many others.

The bigger machine, 12 meter long by 2 meter wide, is usually capable of a production rate between 700 up to 1000 Kg/h, depending on product characteristics.

The Contact Hardener is a really versatile machine, small in dimensions and with great potential. Tipically used for hardening a thin layer of product (about 1 mm) on production lines with spiral freezers where the bottom layer will result damaged by the circular moving belt. But it is also
used for direct IQF freezing of sauces drops or lightweight or small products in short times.

The high heat exchange capacity of plates (3.5 KW/mÇ) makes it really efficient and perfect for continuous production cycles. The retention time can be adjusted within a wide range, from less than a minute up to several minutes and this allow treatment of high product volumes without wasting too much space. The useful sliding cover makes it hygienically safe and avoids energy wasting. The control panel is totally digital with a touch screen and proprietary software, access and control can be also made from LAN/Internet. Wide selection of sizes is available.


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