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The ME Hamburger Company is one of the Middle East’s best frozen food producers, operating across 4 sites and established since 1975. Creating health and delivering high quality products, while supporting innovation and employment, has always been the mission of this company. During the course of the company’s relentless pursuit of quality and growth, the Company repeatedly set new standards in the region for quality and hygiene receiving the first ever permits issued by the country’s Ministry of industry and health, and being awarded the diploma of standards from Institute of Standards and Industrial Research. Furthermore, it was the first company to obtain the HACCP certificate from TUV Germany and the International ISO 9001 Quality Certificate within its country.

The Company’s policy is to use the state-of-the-art technology to further enhance their health and safety standards in processing frozen meat products, with the purpose to be the pioneer in quality and production of hamburger patties equipment and to deliver superior quality and healthy products to their customers.

In recent years the market demand has required the Hamburger producer to increase their production and process capacity, without compromising the high quality standard of their products and processes.

“We have always believed in choosing the best equipment on the market,” explains Mr. Farhad Agahi, Owner and CEO, “All the time, we try to lead the market and show our customers that even though we are a family business, we can offer a broad portfolio of products, just like the larger integrated groups”.

Their recent purchase of CAMA equipment is part of this ambitious project.

Mr. Farhad Agahi explains the reasons why he has decided for Cama:We decided to invest in high technology European-made equipment to supply added value to our Customers and to gain a leadership position in the market. We identified Cama as the best possible partner for us and the results achieved with this investment are really satisfactory”.

For over 35 years Cama has specialized in the design, manufacturing and supply of secondary packaging equipment for the Food and Non-Food Industry. Cama’s equipment utilizes its own proven robotic and machinery technologies customized to meet any specific packaging requirement. The very latest technological innovations by CAMA Group – the  BT Generation  equipment – mark a milestone in Research & Development, raising the standards in packaging automation, in terms of Higher Hygiene Standard, Safe and Ergonomic Design, Flexibility, reduced total Footprint, User-friendly Operation. Particular attention was given to market demands in relation to sustainability. The new BTG equipment allows the efficient and economical use of raw materials and energy during production and low operating costs while maintaining high quality and high productivity.

The automatic packaging equipment recently supplied to the hamburger manufacturer includes a CL157 BTG cartoning machine.  This collects flowpacked frozen hamburgers that arrive on as single lane and loads them into pre-glued cartons.  The CL157 is a continuous motion indexing machine from Cama’s range of side load cartoners, this means that it is ideally suited to loading rigid or stiff products into pre-glued cartons at the speed range of 50-120 packs per minute, with infeed speeds up to 300 packs per minute.  The continuous-indexing  machines bridge the gap in Cama’s range of machine between low-cost indexing cartoners (up to 6 cartons/minute) and the larger high speed fully continuous machines typically running 150 ppm to 300 ppm.

For the specific requirements of this customer, flow wrapped patties are received at 250ppm and stacked 5 high, using a reciprocating conveyor, into indexing multiple pockets.  The indexing pockets accumulate a short train of stacked products before moving to the carton loading area, where a duplex cross-push loads two cartons simultaneously.

The cartons are extracted from a dedicated magazine using Cama’s proven continuous rotary vacuum arm module with additional vacuum pre-break position to ensure consistent carton opening before being placed into the main flighted chain. Here the carton is fully formed with the side flaps suitably guided to ensure clear opening for product insertion at the loading station.  Once loaded, the cartons are transferred to the flaps folding and closing station. Carton sealing is by hot-melt adhesive.

“The combination of sustainability focused technology and innovative design of the Cama BT Generation machines made it an easy decision to partner with Cama on this phase of our Company’s development project”, explains Farhad Agahi, “We are delighted to have worked so closely with Cama during the entire process from order to delivery. The communication and information sharing between our Companies was efficient and the project team sent to install the equipment and to train our operators was really professional and a pleasure to work with. The performance of the machine is as per expectation. The reduced downtime through maintenance friendly design and the improved overall efficiency of the packaging process have resulted in the equipment payback period being reduced beyond expectations, making this one of our most successful investment projects to date”.

Cama is a leading supplier of machinery for the Secondary Packaging Industry and recognizes that service is the foundation of their business. Every effort is made to ensure that their machinery is safe and working to its optimum capacity. The company has a broad engineering capacity from 3D computer-aided design to manufacturing and machine assembly and testing. On-site support is for installation, service and training is provided by a large team of highly skilled service engineers and a strategic global network of subsidiaries and local partners.


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