Packaging machines for beverage industry

The SMI Group is today one of the world’s largest producers of bottling plants and packaging machines for food and beverage, household cleaning, personal hygiene, chemical and pharmaceutical products, able to meet production requirements up to 33,600 bottles per hour. For more info visit Smi SPA on

New age of bottling
With the launch of the ERGON technology, SMI has pioneered the “new age of packaging” and the “new age of bottling”, being, once again, able to supply advanced solutions to the market and to provide efficient, flexible, eco-friendly, ergonomic, easy-to-monitor and easy-to-manage bottling lines and packaging machines, even more inspired by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) principles.

Automatic shrink wrappers for every need
SMI provides a wide range of automatic high-performance packaging machines for the secondary packaging industry able to meet every production need.
LSK ERGON, CSK ERGON AND SK ERGON series represent the best shrink film packaging technology currently available, for packing a wide range of PET containers and other types of plastic, glass, aluminium and cardboard in film-only (F version), flat cardboard pad + film (P version) or corrugated cardboard trays + film (T version) packs. The available models ensure the automation of the secondary packaging process in production facilities from 30 up to 450 packs/minute (the latter figure refers to film-only on three lanes).
The range mentioned above also includes the AFW series of compact shrink wrappers for shrink film packing with a 90º infeed, particularly suitable for packing containers or bundles with a square/rectangular base. This series of machines is also available in F, P and T versions and is suitable for outputs up to 40 packs/minute.

Wrap-around case packers and combined machines
SMI provides a wide range of wrap-around shrink wrappers of the LWP ERGON and WP ERGON series and combined machines of the LCM ERGON and CM ERGON series in order to pack a wide range of PET, glass, aluminium and cardboard containers in wrap-around case or tray only ( LWP and WP series), or in wrap-around cardboard cases, tray only or tray + film (LCM and CM series). The available models ensure the automation of the secondary packaging process in production plants from 30 up to 80 packs/minute (according to the series and the capacity of the container to pack). The range mentioned above also includes the new CWP ERGON wrap-around case packers, able to produce up to 40 packs/minute, and the new CM FP ERGON combined packer which was designed for packing in film-only, pad + film, tray + film, tray-only and wrap-around case: all these functions can be performed by a single machine.

Overlapping cardboard sleeve packers MP series
The MP ERGON SMI case packers represent the best packaging technology currently available to pack in cardboard sleeves a wide range of PET, glass, aluminium and brik containers, realizing the so-called “cluster pack” at the maxium speed of 300 packs/minute (according to the model of the machine and the shape and dimensions of the container to pack).
The new machines of the MP ERGON range are equipped with advanced technologies in order to ensure more operational flexibility, energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, management and monitoring simplicity within high speed production lines.
The range of MP ERGON packers also includes some models (MP BK series) specifically designed for packing brik containers

Automatic machines for Industry 4.0
All SMI secondary packaging machines are designed and manufactured according to the key concepts of the Industry 4.0 platform, which find complete application in the several technical innovations introduced on the ERGON models.
SMI packers stand out for their original ergonomic design featuring slightly rounded safety doors, which allow to set all the motors outside the mechanical groups they activate, thus simplifying the performing of the maintenance operations.
The doors closing systems, made of painted lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminium is equipped with a deceleration device which slows down the final phase of the motion, guiding the door in a safe and harmonious way. The new SMI secondary packaging machines mount almost exclusively ICOS brushless motors with integrated digital servo-drives, as the traditional moto-reducers are installed on the termo-retractive heating section and on the cardboard climb; this solution ensures more efficiency and precision of the motion, energy savings and reduced consumptions.
Moreover, the ERGON packers are also equipped with an advanced POSYC panel control with a “user-friendly” man-machine interface, touch-screen, advanced diagnostic functions and live technical support.

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