About IG International Pvt Ltd. (IGIPL)

IG is one of the leading fresh produce importer/exporter company dedicated to provide high quality produce to consumers. With over 50 years of experience grown into a group of 14 companies committed towards supplying the demand of high quality fresh produce. Imports of fresh produce is the core activity. Promoter and Chairman Mr. Gian Chand Arora first imported fruits in containers from Australia in 2000. Since then, IGIPL has started investing in infrastructure and has become a leader in the Imported Fresh Fruit Industry and are now handling volumes to the tune of 2000 – 40 feet refrigerated containers from over 22 countries across the globe.

IGIPL also manages the distribution of the goods through its 28 wholesale outlets across India.
With over 5 decades of experience in the industry, IGIPL has become a leading marketer and distributor of nutritious, high-quality fresh fruits across India and brand IG is trusted symbol of product quality, freshness and reliability. Turnover for FY 2016 stood at Rs. 400 crores.
Along with imports, IGIPL has interests in exports as well as third party logistics and temperature controlled warehousing. We are primarily exporting Potatoes and Grapes to Russia, Europe and South East Asia and have invested in developing packing lines and warehousing facility to cater to the expanding business.
IGIPL, is also in the business of Third party Logistics and temperature controlled warehousing. With present capacity of 40000 MT and facilities in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh. Theog and Amravati. We presently have a fleet of 50 refrigerated trucks and 20 refrigerated trailers equipped with 40’ reefer Containers.
Promoter Profile
Mr. Gian Chand Arora – Chairman and Managing Director
• 5 decades of experience in the Industry
• Pioneered the imports of fresh Fruits in India
• Invested in temperature controlled warehouse in 1999

Mr. Sanjay Arora – Director – Marketing and Sales
• Visionary behind expanding IG network on Pan India Basis
• IG has expanded its clientele and customer base because of his People Skills and Relationship Management
• Responsible for sales and marketing across 28 wholesale outlets across India

Mr. Tarun Arora – Director – Finance and Operations
• The younger scion of the Arora family leads the young corporate team with his innovative and modern outlook
• He manages the Financials of the group with his superior Analytical skills
• Completed MBA from MIT & also attended Private Equity & venture Capital from Harvard Business School

Trade Experience
Our heaviest asset is our wide experience which gives us edge over others in the industry. 50 Years of experience in fresh produce industry. Importing & Exporting fresh produce from over 30 countries and handling 32 varieties of fruits.

Way Ahead
With the ever rising purchasing power of Indian middle class segment, the demand of good quality and hygienic fruits is increasing and IG, with its long history and vast experience has positioned itself to serve to the burgeoning demand. IG, in association with many global suppliers, is able to source high quality and consistent fresh fruits from all over the world and make it available to the Indian consumer. We also look forward to expand our temperature controlled warehousing business to 50000 Pallets and fleet of refrigerated trucks/trailers from 70 to 120.



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