Manufactures plants for the food and beverage industry

FARCK Spa manufactures plants for the food and beverage industry with a particular attention to the storage, heating/cooling, pasteurizing and concentration of the fruit juice and milk/whey. FARCK concentration plants can be used with excellent results both for pure and rectified musts and for fruit  juices and can be coupled with all desulphurization columns with a very high energy saving.

FARCK uses the principle of the Vapour Thermal Recompression and manufactures plants with reduced consumptions (less than 1 Kg. of steam to evaporate 10 Kg. of water). The circulation of the product is “falling film”, with vertical pipe bundle exchangers, condensate separation with elimination of non-polluting liquids and cleaning of the plant by means of forced circulation in short time. The capacity of the evaporators varies from 1.000 or 2.000 lt. of evaporated water to 50.000 lt/h of evaporated water (big plants with 3-6 effects). An important characteristic of FARCK evaporators is the centralization of all controls into a control synoptic board that allows the driving of the plant by one operator alone. All FARCK evaporation plants are realised in monobloc  in order to be transported and installed in short time. Thanks to many years of experience in this sector FARCK SPA can design and manufacture plants with very low consumptions thus respecting the environment.


FARCK Spa manufactures also plate exchangers, heaters coolers and pasteurizers for food liquids. Our technical office is able to calculate the exact number of plates and sections necessary to guarantee the best energy saving by respecting the product to treat; the plate exchangers are completely manufactured with AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel and have a capacity from 500 to 40.000 lt/hour, with one or more  cooling or heating or pasteurisation sections, with or without holding tubular sections , provided with temperature control board and positioned on bedplates in order to reduce space and time assembly.

FARCK SPA is also specialised in the manufacturing of S/steel tanks with capacity up to 200.000 lt. for the storage, cooling or mixing in general. It is possible to add  special stirrers for the movement of  high density and viscosity products, manholes with micro-switch, breathers, rotating cleaning balls, manifolds, gangways, railings; everything realised following all accident prevention regulations. Thanks to the high level of its technicians.

FARCK Spa manufactures also Spray- drying plants for the pulverisation of the concentrated liquids coming from evaporators and their transformation into powders with a long-life conservation. Compared to traditional dryers, the product coming from a FARCK   plants has better qualitative characteristics : lower density, no hygroscopicity, better solubility, no hardening in packaging and so a better use in the industry.  Thanks to the high level experience of its technicians, FARCK Spa is able to manufacture and supply complete « turnkey » plants in Italy and all over the world. The transport, positioning and assembly also of voluminous and complex plant’s components are always made directly by its own skilled staff and its means of transport, offering also a good after-sale service.


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