Cogeneration plants food industry

For over 27 years Intergen has gained extensive experience in the design and construction of cogeneration and trigeneration food industry fueled by methane gas.

This clean fuel allows a smooth operation of the equipment with lower maintenance and long life.

It ‘also easily recoverable in all Italy, having regard to the presence of a capillary distribution network, which guarantees the certainty of availability over time and low installation costs. Cogeneration plants food industry for natural gas made from Intergen make the high efficiency their main strength, enabling an energy saving of environmental emissions and so cheap that can exceed 30%, compared to the production of hot water or steam through boiler and purchasing electricity from the grid.

The strength of cogeneration plants food industry Intergen is the individual design of cogeneration food industry assembled on site.

The enclosures pannellate prefabricated allow the obtaining of important attenuations of the noise while maintaining the compactness and accessibility for easy driving and maintenance.

This constructive solution is used for large systems installed outside of facilities and sites.

Intergen designs and manufactures cogeneration plants food industry containers, pre-assembling factory most of the components: the modular composition of more container can reach any overall power required by the customer.

This solution guarantees the maximum compactness of construction of the cogeneration plants in containers for food industry and the reduction of the times of on-site installation and commissioning thanks to final testing at the factory at the end of the production process.


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