Solution provider for process installations worldwide

Ventilex is a powerful brand for process industries throughout the world. Besides dryers and peripheral equipment we supply control and automation. In a nutshell, you can leave the entire drying process, including sterilising or pasteurisation to a single party: Ventilex.

We have three branches in the Netherlands and the United States and work with agents throughout the world, e.g. in Australia, Asia and various European countries. We aim to operate closely with our customers and to be your solution partner for drying solutions in primarily food, minerals and chemicals. Ventilex has grown into a process specialist; and with this change we add dehumidification technology to our repertoire. Ventilex is currently strengthening its service arm. We aim to provide the supply and management of spare parts, remote assistance and preventive and corrective maintenance in the form of contracts. Our ultimate aim is the 24/7 continuity of the entire process of drying/cooling, sterilising, pasteurisation and filtering for our customers. Below is an overview of our process installations.

Steam sterilising: removing bacteria naturally

Our Ventilex ‘Continuous Steam Sterilising’ system has been developed for the natural decontamination of herbs and spices based on steam. It produces products that are safe for human consumption and retains their external characteristics such as shape and colour, or properties like taste and aroma. Our processing method especially maintains the excellent quality of the end product for the consumer! The process is simple: after brief exposure to steam the product is dried and cooled. Although the idea is relatively simple, the working of a continuous system that can process both powders and whole spices is unique. The continuous system is closed and uses self-cleaning rotary valves for product input and output. The system is opera- ted by a central control panel which is validated for data logging. The sophisticated design enables the processing of both ground and whole products. Our Ventilex ‘Continuous Steam Sterilising’ system has proved its value for industry. It is successfully used to process chilies, chili powders, bell peppers, cloves, garlic and numerous other seeds and spices.

Fluid bed dryer: sturdy and reliable

Ventilex fluid bed dryers are renowned for their high quality and efficient working. Our fluid bed dryers are used for drying and cooling in all industrial branches. Ventilex dryers are high performance and have low maintenance costs and a reliable transport design. Our exclusive ‘shaking movements’ ensure that your product is ‘first-in, first-out’. This is especially important if products are sensitive regarding a certain drying time. In the food and feed industries fluid dryers are a frequent feature. Our process installations have a Clean-In-Place system and no sharp edges: without corners, crackers or places where the product can accumulate. With the high quality standards in the food and feed industries, Ventilex is an absolute must.

Fluid bed for sand, minerals and chemicals 

Ventilex fluid bed dryers are also extremely suitable for drying sand, minerals and chemicals. Drying sand to make mortar for the building industry is just one example of what they can do. Ventilex supplies the dryers, including the intelligence, which is to say the PLCs, LCCs and MCCs. In cooperation with selected partners we can also provide that required for civil engineering. Our dryers are de- signed for decade-long problem-free use and are highly energy-efficient. Energy conversation of up to 40% is possible. The technology we use, including our recircula- tion system whereby cooling air is reused for heating purposes, leads to continuous energy-saving, enabling customers to earn back their investments fast.

Belt dryers: for continuous performance 

Ventilex belt dryers and tunnel dryers help to create an industrial process environment with a controlled temperature and humidity. This results in as little as possible energy expenditure, optimal production time and continuous performance. Our belt dryers are also used, among others, in the pharmaceutical and food industries. With our sophisticated and hygienic stainless steel belt dryers, Ventilex helps industries produce an even better quality of product. Our belt dryers are designed for sustainability, reliability and produce a minimal and strict environmentally-friendly amount of waste water. They continuously control the temperature and humidity in the production process and even provide the desired performance with a variable air supply.

Broad-based experience

Ventilex currently supplies 800 of the installations described above throughout the world. We can therefore safely say that we have broad-based experience. This year is Ventilex’s 50th anniversary, and in the past 50 years we have developed to become the process specialist we are today. We develop, test, produce, put into operation and ensure after-sales and service. We have our own laboratory in Heerde, the Netherlands. With our complete packet of process installations and ancillary peripheral equipment we are a real solution partner for customers!

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