It’s time for natural yeast

Domino technology at your service

It’s time for natural yeast! Finally artisan bakers, pizza chefs and patisserie chefs can obtain a liquid natural yeast that is always ready to bake well-leavened, tasty, fragrant and digestible products.

This process allows bread and pizza as well as other pastry products such as sweet and savoury cakes to meet the taste of an increasingly sensitive and demanding clientele. The many properties of natural yeast in preventing the formation of mould in baked products are also well known, together with the ability of liquid yeast to preserve the final product for much longer.

This is a big step forward for the bakery industry that now has the possibility to make some real improvements to the production process: the origin of the natural yeast remains the same, but the way of working it changes completely thanks to Domino’s new creation.

A turning point for the company based in Schio, which after establishing its presence on the national market has invested in this ambitious project, using its resources and know-how for the creation of a unique and original machine with a simple and eloquent name: “Mama”.

Mama is a machine with a strong technological component capable of generating and preserving yeast in liquid form, featuring time and temperature control programs. There are currently two versions available: Mama 15, capable of holding 14 liters of liquid yeast, available with display or touch-screen; Mama 30 with a capacity of 25 liters, available in two versions with manual or touch display. The 120 version is also coming in for much higher production capacities.

What are the main advantages of this machine?

First of all, the liquid yeast stored at controlled temperature allows obtaining a uniform product. In fact, it is known how difficult it is to practically and technically process the sourdough and this machine is precisely great in that respect. Furthermore, Mama has been designed to improve production times, reducing the effort of continuous “refreshments” of the yeast as required by the traditional method. The result is a greater control of the dough and an easier production scheduling.

Mama was designed and built according to a number of important solutions that facilitate its use: a removable tap that makes it easier to perform yeast removal operations; removable tools that facilitate cleaning; dust filter to protect the chiller unit and electronic display to program the processing phases.

A high performance machine for liquid natural yeast, the result of more than three years of research and development in collaboration with a team of technologists, experts in electronics and the great experience of artisan bakers and patisserie chefs.

To complete this new project, Domino has included a training package, an important step to get to know the machine and use it at its best. “As a result of the first tests carried out with great success”, says Domino’s technical staff, “we thought of aiming even higher. We wanted to introduce on the market not only a machine with great potential but also include a ‘flesh and bone’ technician to the package, able to help and guide professionals on the spot during the start-up phase”.


Technical Features:

Available versions:

– MAMA 15 with display and MAMA 15 APP with touch screen

– MAMA 30 with display and MAMA 30 APP with touch screen

– Production capacity: MAMA 15: 14 LT – MAMA 30: 25 LT

– Actual capacity: MAMA 15: 10LT- MAMA 30: 17,5LT

– 4 production programs for customized results



– Electrical system with visual/auditive control system for each component

– Program storage system in case of blackout

– Bowl inside wall with anti-ice system

– Bowl with overflow edge

– Structure, bowl and tools made of stainless steel

– Stainless steel tap of 2” ½ removable for cleaning

– Mixing tool at variable speed, removable and with scraper

– Bowl guard of transparent plexiglass with ventilation grid

– Dust filter for refrigeration unit

– Temperature range (room): 0° – 43°

– Double probe for bowl and product temperature

– Standard voltage: 220/1 ph/50 Hz.

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