Cozzi sas

Machines for all kind of pasta

The holder Cavalier Aldo Cozzi, places itself from various years on the top of the domestic and international market in the construction and sale of machines for short and long, fresh, dry, pasteurised, dept freeze pasta and analogous products as Ravioli, Cappelletti, Tortellini, Gnocchi, etc., and also particular and typical products, also with special machines.

Near our centres you will be able to satisfy all Your requirement, as you will find machinery of every type and production, as new that used.

Some examples: Tip-up mixer, Semi-automatic Sheeters, Pasta Extruders, Automatic Cylinders, Pasta Cutters, Cappelletti Machines, Tortellini Machines, Ravioli Machines, Dumplings Machines, Pasteurizers, Driers with trolleys and tunnels, semi-automatic and automatic Packaging Machines, Nests Machines, Butterflies Machines, Orecchiette and Trofie Machines, etc…

We are moreover in a position to opening complete shops and laboratories for fresh paste; and also we go on the place for installation and the instruction with prescription book for less expert (with great variety of fillings, from those classics of meat, to the annealed one, the spices, the salmon, etc.), deriving beyond more than twenty years of experience like producers of paste and ravioli.

We manufacture every kind of industrial plants and machines for pasta shops.

The Quality Used

We are very strong in second-hand machines, too. We despose of a large stockyard of used machines.

These machines are revisited, made as new (thanks to their complete disassembly and substitution of all parts subject to weare and tear; as bearings, bushes, belts, chains, etc.) and have a 6 months guaranty.

All the machines, new and used, are in conformity to the laws in force.

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