Bakery China 2018, May 9-12

World Leading Bakery Service Platform

Hitting the historical height of exceeding 200,000 sqm

As a professional B2B platform that serves customers from the entire global bakery industrial chain, Bakery China has been committed to exploring new opportunities and technologies for the bakery industry across the globe. Bakery China, launched in 1997, has witnessed the soaring development of China’s bakery industry, which has created the world’s largest bakery market with the fastest growth rate.

The huge vitality of China’s bakery market has also encouraged more domestic enterprises to upgrade their service portfolios, and has attracted top global brands from other countries and regions as well. To address new challenges and grasp emerging opportunities, Bakery China invites you to contribute to this global platform, which will provide high-quality services for your local development and global market expansion.

Bakery China 2018 will be held at the same venue – Shanghai New International Expo Center. For the first time in its history, Bakery China will occupy the entire exhibition site, including 17 halls that provide an exhibition area of over 200,000 sqm, which equals the size of 28 football courts and will contain more than 12,000 booths. The overall arrangement plan is as follows: Hall E1-E6 and Hall N5 for ingredients exhibition, where Hall E5 is for international ingredients; Hall E7 for coffee, drinks and high-end food; Hall W1-W5 and N1 for equipment, where Hall W3 is for international equipment; Hall N2-N4 for packaging.

“International Plus” – Over 2,000 sqm Government-sponsored Pavilions

Government-sponsored pavilions from Germany, USA, Italy and France will attend Bakery China 2018 for the first time, occupying an estimated exhibition area of over 2,000 sqm.

They will bring and exhibit superior bakery manufacturing equipment from Germany, high-quality bakery ingredients from the USA, high-end bakery ingredients and finished bakery products from France and renowned bakery equipment brands from Italy.

These official pavilions will join hands with existing government pavilions from Australia, etc., as well as featured national exhibition zones for Japan, South Korea, Britain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Russia and Southeast Asian countries, to present the latest bakery products and technologies from every corner of the world.

TAP Buyers Program

The bakery industry in China is a typical bi-lateral industry that aims at introducing advanced international technologies and helping China’s bakery enterprises go abroad. Its development has not only boosted the local bakery market, but has produced geographical effects as well – its influence has reached neighboring countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Central Asia, Middle East, etc.

The number of buyers at Bakery China is increasing at an annual speed of over 10%; for international buyers, this figure is even higher, keeping at 40% each year. In 2017, the number of international buyers exceeded one million, making Bakery China a de facto international exhibition. In 2018, we will further enhance our industrial and international influence. Through cooperation with more international governments and industrial organizations, we will invite more high-quality buyers to the exhibition, and endeavor to provide better and more comprehensive match-up services for domestic and international bakery companies.

Bakery + Coffee: Continuous Industrial Integration and Endless Possibilities

The integration of bakery with high-end food such as coffee, beverage and light food has been a spontaneous process. Yet high-end food manufacturers are now more willing to take advantage of the rapid development of the bakery industry, as witnessed by Bakery China in recent years. Since its emergence at Bakery China in 2015, the Coffee, Beverage and Fine Food Zone has been growing at a rate of nearly 50% every year, exhibiting finished/half-finished coffee products, coffee equipment of various sizes, creative coffee art, training, and a rich combination of services and products that cover the entire industrial chain.

The national MBA Coffee Art Competition has received wide attention and its winners have been pursued by industrial professionals.

High-end Bakery Competitions – An Amazing Stage for Bakery Skills

Each year, many national and international bakery competitions are held at Bakery China, organized by China Association of Bakery & Confectionery Industry and other authoritative industrial organizations. For example, the National Bakery Professional Skill Competition, jointly organized by China Light Industry Council, China Association of Bakery & Confectionery Industry, China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, and the Trade Union of Financial and Commercial Workers, Light Industry and Textile Workers, Tobacco Industry Workers, is a national competition for the most skilled bakery talents.

These competitions attract contestants with excellent bakery skills, and offer an amazing feast of visual enjoyment and recreation for the audience.

Bakery China 2018, Right Here Waiting

Bakery China attracts the best enterprises and products in the global bakery industry, which represent the most advanced productivity, the most pioneering thoughts and the most fashionable life-style.

Bakery China 2018 is now open to registration. We will be right here waiting for your arrival!

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