Makro Labelling’s strategy for 2018

Consolidation, international vision, brand capitalisation,
maximum attention to R&D and guaranteed efficiency in after sales and spare parts:
the five Makro Labelling focuses to innovate and compete.

For Makro Labelling, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial labellers for the beverages, food and detergents sector, 2017 ends with the supply of labellers to important industrial groups, turnover up to about € 20 million, 115 machines delivered and installed during the year and a close-knit work team with 90 permanent employees. Growth and development objectives achieved, confirmation of a shrewd targeted business strategy setting further ambitious goals of positioning, consolidation and new developments for 2018, as Massimo Manzotti, President and Sales Director of Makro Labelling explains: “The transition from a “young” company to a standard setter in the world of industrial labeller manufacturers has been, and still is, the fruit of collaboration between all company departments. We watch the market closely to understand its demands and anticipate them with new technological developments able to offer efficiency, speed and a concrete response to specific labelling needs. This is the context of the new C Leap, presented as a prototype at Drinktec and scheduled for definitive development in 2018, but also consolidation and development of our optical guides and work on the M.A.I.A. (Makro Advanced In-line Analysis) and A.L.I.C.E. (Advanced Label Inspection and Control Environment) systems.

For Makro Labelling, intensive R&D work, but also an international vision and the ever more structured acquisition of new markets. On one hand, the company is continuing its collaboration with consolidated partners (such as TEP France, distributor of mainly wine and champagne, together with beer, food oils and milk for the French market, and its President Xavier Istasse), responsible for considerably boosting Makro Labelling’s growth in 2017, while on the other, it is working in synergy with, for example, partners on the North American wine and spirits market.

Over the next few years, Makro Labelling will be focussing on brand capitalisation by opening new offices, such as the one set up recently by Makro Labelling North America in Saint-Philippe near Montreal. With the aim of strengthening Makro Labelling’s presence in the North American food, beverages, soft drinks and home care sectors, the new company was opened in collaboration with Robert and Michael Kucey, already partners of Makro Labelling.

In 2018, we will also be looking ever more closely at the Central and South American market where we want a direct presence. We are particularly interested in strengthening our presence in the Caribbean area where we are already present with a number of installations in the Dominican Republic: two labellers already operational for Beica Barcelo, one of the world’s leading rum and spirits producers, and a very important machine due to start production at the beginning of 2018 in the Brugal factory at Puerto Plata, another world leader for the production of rum.”

As well as maintaining the presence on the European market alive and strong, Makro Labelling will be concentrating on reaching the Middle Eastern and Chinese markets, consolidating its presence in Australia and New Zealand and continuing with its penetration of the Indonesian market where it recently sold a machine for one of the production units of Heinz, the well-known ketchup producer.

Consolidation on the markets and ever greater efficiency in after sales and spare parts, the other leitmotif for 2018. Because “while it is true that the market frequently demands ever more efficient new services and machines, we believe offering a fast, clear and concrete response in after sales and spare parts is fundamental for our growth. Being able to guarantee assistance is the real secret to standing out on the market” concludes Massimo Manzotti.


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