Europain: all aspects of the bakery pastry, chocolate, and Ice-cream sector in one location

Artisans, shopkeepers, manufacturers, etc., all the entrepreneurs in the bakery and pastry industry will head to Paris to attend the major trade show in the sector. An event not-to-be-missed to set up and grow their business!

In 2018, Europain will enter a new era with a new structure and a redefined layout to welcome close to 65,000 professionals. The event will feature strategic encounters, lively demonstrations and animations, prestigious contests as well as the Forum – a think tank for the industry.

Over 4 days, the 48,000 m² of Hall 6 – at the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte venue – will bring together more than 500 exhibitors as well as the strategic players from the bakery and pastry sector worldwide. To ensure that visitors can easily find what they need the sectors now focus on three themes that are relevant to all professionals, regardless of the type and size of their establishment: MANUFACTURING – SELLING – MANAGING.

48 000 sq.m. exhibition area
+500 exhibitors and brands
4 days
3 sectors
1 Forum
4 animations
220 speakers
150 demonstrations and conferences
3 contests, 113 candidates

What changes can we expect to see for the 2018 edition of Europain?
This edition will introduce a number of new orientations! We have focused on improving the Europain experience as a whole, but I would like to mention three new points in particular.
First, a new segmentation and layout for the sectors. These are now divided into three poles that are easy to identify for all visitors: Manufacturing – Selling – Managing. This makes it even easier to prepare and optimise the time spent at the show. This new segmentation will also apply to the topics addressed at the Forum – a new space hosting 4 days of exchanges, debates and reviews delivered by 80 French and international contributors.
Also, the show is resolutely focused on innovations for the sector, with prizes being awarded to the most notable new products. The Europain Innovation Prize in particular will include for the first time all the new products and solutions featured at the show. We were also keen for the visitors to play a part in this approach and have introduced a Visitors’ Innovation prize.
Finally, the length of the show: in the wake of discussions with our exhibitors we have decided to bring this back to four days. This means that a greater number of professionals willbe present at any given time, thus increasing the potential for establishing useful contacts over the course of a day.

The new segmentation will affect the organisation of the show, can you tell us more?
We have given great consideration to the feedback we received from both visitors and participants. Indeed, with more than 500 exhibitors we must ensure that each visit is efficient and optimised. The new layout of the stands is distributed into “Manufacturing – Selling – Managing”. This makes it possible for everyone, from artisans to industrial manufacturers to instantly identify and locate the exhibitors they are looking for. Another important point is that this literally removes the walls between the bakery and pastry sectors, bringing all trades together with a focus on their everyday challenges, regardless of the type and size of the business.

In this respect, who is concerned by Europain?
Existing companies or individuals seeking to launch their own business, owners of an artisan bakehouse or managers of a retail network, production managers, etc. the show will bring many answers to their questions and needs. As for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the sector or considering the opportunities available to them, a visit to Europain will no doubt play a determining part in the success of their projects!All these professionals are perfectly justified in coming to the trade show.
Exactly! Nothing can replace this type of experience: for players in the bakery-pastry industry the event offers the keys to their success and solutions to their needs all in one location. It is the most important event in the sector, and one of the very few where manufacturers and creators can rub shoulders with retailers and distributors. This edition will feature even more live demos, product tests, suppliers, experts, and innovative solutions. All these animations and encounters contribute to a rich offering and facilitate effective and efficient exchanges with top professionals in the field, a source of inspiration to expand any type of business.

This year introduces the catchphrase ‘Baked in Paris’, can you tell us more?
Europain is a major international event and when it comes to the issues facing the bakery-pastry sector its scope is really global. As a result, the show welcomes a growing number of international visitors and we are keen to show them that, in this respect, France is definitely a leading country that is innovative and committed, and boasts a vibrant and dynamic bakery industry.

Bakery pastry: a market boasting strong potential

The Food Service sector in general has seen moderate growth in France – up 0.7 % end of June 2017 – according to NPD. The bakery-pastry industry fared slightly better – up 1.3 % in number of visits – for the same period, driven by new consumer behaviours and expectations that have acted as levers for growth. Some of the figures presented in the NPD CREST survey illustrate this progression.

  • Sandwich shops-Bakeries: an important weight in Food Service

25% of visits to commercial catering establishments in France concern a bakery or sandwich shop. The significant weight of this segment is due to the historical structure of the market in France and the large variety of products on offer at bakeries/sandwich shops (multi-moment opportunities, breakfast, lunch, breaks…).
Focus on food supermarkets: customers buy bread from supermarkets, 56% of shopping baskets include at least one product in this range. This is a sign of great dynamism for this type of purchase and illustrates the multiform nature of the market today.

  •  France : the highest number of visits in Europe and growing

The number of bakeries and sandwich shop customers is on the rise in Europe. Particularly in France which has the highest average shopping basket.

  • New occasions for consuming bakery products

In the bakery sector, each time of the day is important.

People buy from bakeries/sandwich shops at different times of the day from one country to the other. In the UK people enjoy sandwiches for lunch, whereas in Germany, Italy and France, it is traditional to have viennoiseries in the morning and afternoon. Visits to the bakery shop are growing at a faster pace than the market trends.

  • Segmentation and adapting the offering

American viennoiseries (donuts, cookies, muffins…) have seen an increase of 15% in France compared with the croissant which growth has remained stable at around +1 %

To ensure that visitors can easily find what they are looking for, the sectors are now segmented into three themes that are relevant to all professionals in the trade, regardless of the type and size of their establishments: MANUFACTURING – SELLING – MANAGING

This section is dedicated to creation, manufacturing and production. Professionals from the bakery and pastry trades – from artisans to production unit managers – will find here all the equipment, appliances and ingredients they need to produce in small or large quantities, and for all varieties. Equipment, raw materials, advice on processes, all the technical and organisational solutions are on hand to help achieve objectives in terms of quality, taste and productivity.




The best solutions to help entrepreneurs in the bakery-pastry-chocolate industry sell their products in shop or to go will be featured in this section. Packaging, point of sale advertising, digital technologies, shop design, but also agrofood products, food supplements, they will find at Europain everything they need to optimise their sales, improve their service and ensure customer loyalty.




Entrepreneurs in the bakery pastry sector are also naturally managers. This section brings together the best specialized services: financing, legal assistance, staff management solutions, insurance, and training establishments, offering all the solutions to the daily challenges of these professionals who need to run their businesses on a daily basis.




Schools street
Set in the heart of the “Managing” section, Rue des Ecoles presents training programmes for all the trades in the sector. The industry is flourishing and many types of training programmes are available today: basic training, continuous training, online, short-track, etc. Students or entrepreneurs retraining in the sector will find here information on the training programmes available to them to help them succeed in the bakery-pastry trades.
List of shcools on

Start-up Village
The idea behind the first edition of the Start-up Village is to support and highlight innovation in all its forms. This dedicated space will offer a platform for expression and innovation.
With the support of RAPIDLE: French leader in CLICK&COLLECT solutions, Rapidle proposes the equipment, software solutions and services necessary for artisans and business owners to help them boost their sales and satisfy the requirements of consumers who are increasingly connected, in a hurry and impatient.







Over 4 days, a dense programme of animations, demonstrations and conferences will offer Europain visitors a fascinating experience that is packed with practical lessons, efficient encounters and useful discoveries for their businesses. Meeting with expert professionals, discovering the most creative techniques, obtaining advice from the most competent experts in the trade: everything becomes possible at Europain.

Forum, 4 days of exchanges and ideas
At the heart of the event, the Forum will propose 4 days of exchanges: debates, discussions and reviews with 80 French and international contributors from all over the world.
Sharing their analyses and expertise with the participants – entrepreneurs from the bakery, pastry, chocolate and ice-cream trades – they will also present new models and new solutions to answer manufacturing, sales or management issues.
“Europain is the major event for French and international professionals who are keen to discover the new trends and creativity with a French touch. The Forum – a new feature of the 2018 edition – has enabled us to invite top figures in international bakery and experts in the field who will share their experience and exchange with the visitors.” Hubert Chiron, president of the International Association of French Bread and researcher for INRA.

Each day, the Forum programme will be built around the 3 Europain sectors and 9 subcategories:

Manufacturing Selling Managing
  • Managing
  • International
  • Digital in the shop
  • Wheat and sourdough
  • New offers and trends
  • Launch strategy
  • Specific allergies and diet
  • Laboratory and ingredients
  • Flavour

Among the 80 speakers:

  • Emmanuel Tertrais, founder of Baguette Academy, on digital learning in bakery,
  • Eric Kayser on how to succeed the international developpement,
  • Maria Bertoch from NPD on trends & growth of European bakeries,
  • Mauricio Sandri, EUROGERM Brazil, on the Latin America market,
  • Michel Suaz from San Francisco Baking Institute on the US market,
  • Pascal Rigo, founder of La Boulange, on his success story,
  • Paul Kitissou and Lionel Villepontoux about the African market ,
  • Stanley P. Cauvain on sandwich bread growth in international basis.

Restaurant shop, the bakery of tomorrow

Coproduced by Europain and catering school Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s)

First introduced in 2016, the Restaurant Shop has now become a fully operational pop-up bakery-restaurant featuring the most innovative and efficient technology. Here visitors can observe and taste all the possibilities available to bakery catering thanks to a warm and user-friendly catering area.

Using a mobile app co-developed with Simplon – training solutions for digital trades – visitors can create personalised sandwiches that they can eat on site.

Raphaël HAUMONT, research-lecturer at the University of Paris Sud-Paris Saclay, will be one of the main contributors.

“A good sandwich requires good bread of course, and a variety of different ingredients. With such a basic recipe is it still possible to innovate and come up with surprising bakery products? By combining new and unique flavours, different textures and tasting dynamics, a simple sandwich is turned into a culinary experience and an emotion. Together with Raphaël Haumont, physico-chemist with whom I created the ‘Centre français d’innovation culinaire’ and the students at “Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s)” school of catering, we are ready to take up the challenge”. Thierry Marx

Baker’s Lab, an innovative bakehouse

The programme includes 4 days of non-stop demonstrations staged at an ultra-modern and fully open bakehouse. Proposed by top names in French and international bakery the demos will enable visitors to discover first-hand the latest techniques and creative ideas.

Lab Intersuc, at the crossroad of retail shop and laboratory

Each day Intersuc Lab will stage 9 professional demonstrations in pastry, chocolate, confectionery and ice-cream making. At the worktable holders of the MOF distinction, winners of the Coupe du Monde de Patisserie and Champions de France du Dessert contests and prestigious pastry chefs working at restaurants or pastry shops will share their techniques, know-how and creativity with the public.

On Monday 5th February, magazine Le Chef will hold a sweet version of the Festival of Gastronomic Creativity. Famous top chefs will demonstrate some of their most recent recipes.

Among the speakers:

  • Bastien GIRARD, Champion de Monde de la Pâtisserie 2017
  • Cyril GAIDELLA, Champion de France du Dessert 2017, professional category
  • Enzo FRANZI, Champion de France du Dessert 2017, junior category
  • Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, Champion du Monde de la pâtisserie 2017
  • Jérémie RUNEL
  • Jérémy DEL VAL, Creation chef at Pâtisserie Dalloyau, Champion de France du Dessert, professional category
  • Stéphane GLACIER, Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier

Well-being and Health Lab

Co-produced with Boréa – the first network of bakeries focused on wellbeing and naturalness – this new Lab concentrates all the propositions that satisfy the requirements of today’s modern consumers: mindful of their wellbeing and well-balanced diet. With central themes such as health, quality and authenticity, it proposes a varied programme of practical demonstrations and expert workshops in bakery, viennoiserie, pastry and light and well-balanced catering.

David Borréani, boasting skills in know-how and Laurent Rémond, boasting skills in communicating and exchanging, are the co-founders of Boréa. They are pleased to have been chosen by EUROPAIN to co-produce the Wellbeing and Naturalness Lab. “At Boréa we are convinced that we can turn simple everyday foods into delicious and healthy products. We are the first network of bakeries focused on wellbeing and naturalness and are intent on sharing our values and know-how with professionals in the bakery-pastry sector.”

Festival Sens & Chocolat 2018, serving the artisan food service and catering trades

The BEAN-TO-BAR platform aims to raise visitors’ awareness with respect to both the quality of the raw materials they use and the importance of the ethical choices they make so as to preserve biodiversity and ensure a sustainable food industry. It also offers an opportunity for visitors to enjoy a personal experience of taste, with bean growers and chocolate-makers from producing countries, thanks to a series of mini-conferences and tasting events featuring top-quality beans and chocolates, with a focus on three themes:

  • Promotion and focus on ‘pure origin’ cacaos and chocolate raw materials with 4 countries in the spotlight – Brazil, Ecuador, Madagascar and Venezuela – presenting:
    o Growers and chocolatiers including the winners of the 2 Awards ‘Grand Cru d’origine’: International Chocolate Bar Prize and National Bonbon Prize
    o Ancient varietals of fine cocoa beans: Criollo & Trinitario
  • Highlighting BEAN-TO-BAR equipment and appliances used to process beans and chocolate:
    o Demonstrations of BEAN-TO-BAR equipment using premium quality raw materials
    o Encounters with professionals – roasting techniques, conching, coating or stuffing, from beans and ganache to chocolate bars.
  • Training session proposed by PLANETGOUT – training centre for ‘humans – products – trades’
    Three Sensory & Taste modules will aim to guide professionals and help them: “Buy better”, “Make better”, “Sell better”. As well as a module to learn the new trade of Bean-to-Bar artisan: “Discover the manufacturing process from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar”.

Monday 5th February, an event celebrating Bean-to-Bar chocolatiers in the presence of delegations from the 4 countries in the spotlight. From 3 pm: presentation of the Cacao-Oscars to the representative of each country, ambassadors and agricultural sectors of cocoas from around the world.

When professionals of the bakery, pastry or chocolate industry are faced with numerous stakes and daily challenges, investment in new equipment, ingredients or management systems can make a real difference. That is why EUROPAIN will put extra focus this year on all new products appearing in the industry and will highlight the most innovative ones.




The tools implemented before and during the show will allow visitors to identify quickly new products, services, trends or furniture.

NEW PRODUCTS AWARDS: among a sharp selection made by a committee of experts among all the novelties of the show. For the first time, each and every new products is automatically integrated on the selection.

PRIX VISITEURS : For the first time, professionnals will vote online for their favorite new product or service before the show according to the 3 categories: MANUFACTURING – SELLING – MANAGING.

NEW PRODUCTS ROUTES: Available on the smartphone app, it means fast and easy real-time tracking, to find the new products according to the focus you are looking for. On the show floor specific guide and signage will lead you to all participating stands.

NEW PRODUCTS GALLERY: find all new products showcased on Europain in all sectors, proposed and promoted by the exhibitors with one click on the website:

Coupe de France des Écoles – French School Cup organised by EKIP, sponsored by ENGIE

For 4 days the best training institutes in mainland France and its overseas territories will be represented by mixed teams that will face each other in bouts during which the quality of the teaching and the mastery of techniques, along with team spirit and creativity, will be front of stage

2 categories: allow to compete on the basis of their level of training: ESPOIRS and EXCELLENCE

The teams will compete during 5 hours in a series of tests that require technical mastery, precision, creativity and teamwork and will be evaluated by a jury presided over by Raoul MAEDER.

For the 6th edition of the contest, teams will compete on the following theme: French luxury (fashion, jewellery, leathercraft…).

Masters de la Boulangerie, organised by Lesaffre
The profession’s international elite will come together during the 2018 Europain show for the Masters de la Boulangerie, a unique and exceptional global competition. After 4 years of team competitions for the Louis Lesaffre Cup, then the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, only 18 candidates from the four corners of the world, motivated by their passion and their burning desire to win, now have the privilege to take part in this prestigious competition as individuals.

More than a competition, the Masters de la Boulangerie is an invitation to imagine tomorrow’s bakery profession in a different light:

– a place for the global elite to meet, where the candidates are pioneers for the profession and their coaches are educators who help them reach even higher levels,
– a demanding challenge where rigour, professionalism and know-how are audaciously shaken up to release creativity and innovation,
– a showcase for the profession under the expert eyes of a visionary jury who are particularly attuned to new ideas, presided by Johan SORBERG (Sweden) and Christian VABRET (France), Meilleur Ouvrier de France and creator of Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie.

To harmonise this blossoming array of challenges, new additions, explanations, modernity, transmission, creations and innovations, the Masters de la Boulangerie Organising Committee have put in place an ambitious, customised programme of events. The public can enjoy events designed to reveal and share the expertise employed during this competition. High-quality product shows, specific technical focuses, forecasts about future baking…


International Confectionery Art Competition, organised by DGF

Every two years at the Parc des Expositions in Paris, during the International Trade Fair EUROPAIN, for catering and food industry professionals, 16 nations composed of a woman Chef and man Chef live together, exchange, share their know-how, and skills, in the aim to win the coveted title of WORLD CHAMPION OF THE CONFECTIONERY ARTS.

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the competition, and to partake in an exceptional edition, the imposed theme will express « FRENCH LUXURY ». Within this thematic, each team will have to choose one sector from a proposed list and make it the main thread for all of their creations.

This novelty will undoubtedly mark the 2018 edition.

Other novelty in 2018, candidates will have 19 hours, compare to 20, to create:

  • 1 sugar centrepiece
  • 1 chocolate centrepiece
  • 1 sugar and chocolate presentation stand
  • 1 plated restaurant dessert
  • 1 individual small glazed cake
  • 1 entremets
  • 2 confectioneries

Throughout the competition, these are the true tenors of the profession, experts in their field, who ensure the smooth running of all events: Kenny Kong (Singapore), Philippe Segond, MOF (France), Hideo Yokota (Japan), Yann Brys, MOF (France), Rafael Barros (Brazil), Oscar Ortega (USA), Claire Heitzler (France), Roberto Rinaldini (Italia), Tran Ngo Lam Khanh (Vietnam) and Philippe Urraca, MOF (France).

The International Confectionery Art Competition can also counts with the support of great Chefs: Christophe Michalak, Joël Robuchon, Thierry Marx and Alain Ducasse.


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