HMI System for the new makline roll feeds of Makro Labelling

Competitive capabilities, intuition and technological excellence: Makro Labelling anticipates
the Industry 4.0 era and satisfies the new production requirements

Innovating to compete, but above all to provide a concrete response to the growing needs of the market… right from the start, this has been the principle growth asset for Makro Labelling, today one of the most important manufacturers of industrial labellers for the beverages, food and detergents sector. An asset even more sensational in light of today’s Industry 4.0 scenario in which technology is seen as the generator of profound changes in society and the economy of businesses, for example, by transforming production methods. Massimo Manzotti, President and Sales Director of Makro Labelling, explains: “Industry 4.0 means the almost complete connection between the physical and virtual worlds. In terms of production, this concept is expressed in the intelligent factory, a physical place where the ability for machines to communicate with each other could bring new functions to the production lines and where technology will ever more be called on to create the so-called system intelligence, a connection involving constant man-machine interaction which will enable decisions to be taken immediately on the basis of reliable, certified and contextualised data. In Makro Labelling, we are well aware of the extent to which this approach is strategic. For some time now and anticipating the Industry 4.0 package, our machines therefore integrate remote assistance and communication between the bottling line and the company.”

And this is the direction in which all Makro Labelling production is going. Now the ultra-new HMI systems based on HTML5 and OPC UA are also integrated on its machines, transforming an immense quantity of complex data into information accessible to man. Presented at Drinktec 2017 and developed from the Roll Feed labelling module normally used on rotary machines, the new Linear Roll Feed, as well as perfectly encapsulating Makro Labelling’s characteristic philosophy of modularity, also stands out for the HMI system integrated in the machine, guaranteeing superior control of the production process.

The basic module is coupled with a new module consisting of a linear belt, an auger and an input starwheel, both with separate motor and therefore independent. The structure is fitted with safety guards, making the entire assembly compact. The input auger guarantees high speeds for a linear machine, reaching up to 16,000 b/h, with precise label application and overlap.

The double reel with optional automatic splicer guarantees long operating autonomy, leaving the operator the time necessary for the change. For lower production speeds, or where long operating autonomy is not required, Makro has designed versions with single reel and/or without auger.


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