Larioreti, conveyor belts and metal meshes

In dozens of industrial sectors, from food to metalwork, automated motion of goods within a plant requires manufacturing conveyor belts of many different shapes and characteristics; and in very much the same way, building and industrial applications of all kinds require expanded sheet metal and wire mesh in the measurements and material which best suit the specific use they are destined for.
Wire mesh conveyor belts are, as of today, the best automated motion device available on the market. Tightmeshed conveyor belts are ideal for the food industry, because they are easy to clean and sterilize and they sport a uniform, flat surface; linked-edge conveyor belts can, on the other hand, resist the intense thermal stress typical of the metalworking sector, enduring thermal dilation without suffering damage. And in the same way, electrowelded wire mesh, be it stainless steel, zinc-plated, or made of any other metal, can be manufactured with wire and gaps measured to adapt to the aesthetic needs of a garden fence just as well as to the structural requirements of a flight of stairs or an elevated flooring inside an industrial plant. Here at Larioreti, we’ve made this variety, and our capability to satisfy any request precisely and in a timely way, our strongest point. We offer wire mesh, expanded sheet metal, and metal conveyor belts in all possible variants of material, motion technology and accessories that the market can provide. Do you need three pieces of calendered wire mesh, cut to measure? A welded-edge curving bronze conveyor belt? Here at Larioreti, your request becomes reality – both if you know exactly what you need, and if you need our support to identify the best solution for your requirements.


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