IBATECH Istanbul is ready for 2018!

Meeting Point of the Sec- torial Professionals In 2016, IBATECH Istanbul hosted thousands of visitors from Asia, Europe and Africa. Opening its doors once again for the world’s lead- ing brands to show their latest prod- ucts, IBATECH Istanbul will represent the present and the future of the in- dustry. IBATECH ISTANBUL 2016 has broken its own visitor record by a total number of 74.563 from 114 coun- tries.

The efforts have been continuing for record breaking number of participa- tion. The trade fair was held for the first time in five exhibition halls cover- ing a gross exhibition area of around 50,000 square metres. After the re- cord figure in 2014, the amount of exhibition space therefore increased once again by 5,000 square metres. IBATECH Istanbul 2016 also attracted a record number of exhibitors. A total of 366 companies from 18 countries, i.e. a marked increase of just under 27 per cent compared with 2014, took part in the trade fair. For exam- ple, a large number of international market leaders presented their lat- est technologies and products. Visi- tors rated their attendance at the trade fair as extremely positive. Due to their satisfaction, nearly every visi- tor (98 per cent) also wanted to come back to the trade fair in 2018. 99 per cent of respondents were intending to recommend the event to work col- leagues, superiors or business asso- ciates while 90 per cent believed that the trade fair would become more im- portant in future. Confectioners rep- resented the largest visitor group at 47 per cent (2014: 45 per cent), fol- lowed by bakers at 21 per cent (2014: 33 per cent). There was a substantial rise in the proportion of manufactur- ers of chocolate and confectionery (15 per cent compared with 9 per cent in 2014) and ice cream produc- ers (17 per cent compared with 7 per cent in 2014).

In general, visitors demonstrated a high propensity to invest. 80 per cent of them were involved in purchasing and procurement intentions. In the official trade fair survey 82 per cent of visitors said they would definitely or probably make investments.

Visitor delegations from numerous countries such as Azerbaijan, Usbeki- stan, Kosovo, Tunisia, Oman, Came- roon, Bulgaria, etc. came to the trade fair to obtain information and were welcomed at the opening ceremony by Cevdet Yılmaz, the Turkish Minister of Development.

The next IBATECH Istanbul will be held in Istanbul from 12 to 15 April 2018. Be part of this success story and shape the future of the rising market with us!


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